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Corsair International Retires Boeing 747s

Corsair International has retired its final three Boeing 747s this week. All were flown from Paris Orly to Kemble, UK for part-out and scrap. On arrival at Kemble each did a low pass and gear-down go around!

F-GTUI arrived Kemble 15th June Video of arrival of F-GTUI at Kemble
F-HSEA arrived Kemble 12th June Video of arrival of F-HSEA at Kemble
F-HSUN arrived Kemble 9th June Video of F-HSUN arriving at Kemble

Sad to see these retired - they look fantastic in that scheme.

Thanks for sharing - good looking aircraft. …The last time they get to go “Boeing” on the runway I guess. :upside_down_face:

Oh dear, the quad jets are disappearing fast aren’t they.

Yet more ‘queens of the sky’ gone out of service and I see that Iberia Airlines are retiring their A340s early as well.

Oh this sucks. It won’t be long before there aren’t many Queens left flying and this makes me really sad.

Why not treat yourselves to a t-shirt with a 744 PFD on the front? :slight_smile:

flying the upper deck on a 742 on long haul flights was downright cozy. the 744 upper decks were also hard to beat but the smaller cabin of the 200 series was perfect. sad to see these aircraft go to the scrap yard. even modern lay flats don’t compare to the “upper deck”

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Yes sad times. I counted 11 of these 747-400s flown into Kemble for scrap/storage in the last 3 months. Don’t know how many, if any, will fly out again.

I’ve never actually flown in the upper deck but I have been in the flightdeck of the 744 a couple of times and was lucky enough to blag the jumpseat on landing into Dulles. The pilot also allowed me to turn the aircraft using the AP controls on the glareshield so technically, I’ve actually flown a real 744 as well as having had a couple of sessions in the BA sim at Cranebank.

It really is my favourite aircraft - I don’t sim much these days but when I do, it’s always the Aerowinx 744. Screenshot here.

well, jump seat beats upper deck anytime…that’s pretty cool…

Shame to see iconic aircraft disappearing from the sky. Airports are much duller places than they used to be. When I was young I would occasionally jump on the tube to Heathrow and sit for an afternoon on the roof of the Queen’s Building where there was an observation deck, then go home after Concorde arrived at around 5pm. There was a huge variety of aircraft then - a real mixture of old and new stuff that you don’t really get these days, even some early generation jets that made a ridiculous amount of noise - stuff like early 737s, 727s, 707s, Caravelles, BAC 1-11s, DC-8s, DC-9s, and VC-10s There was occasionally some quite unusual stuff like Vickers Viscounts flying cargo, and the odd Aeroflot Tupolev 154 or Ilyushin 62.

You can’t get up there anymore, and what you would see if you could would be far less interesting - one Airbus/Boeing twin jet looks and sounds much like another IMO.


With a bit of luck should things ever return to normal we may still get to stand under the path of an A380.

Mighty impressive either landing or taking off.


1981 i flew upstairs in a 747 Melbourne to Sydney to Honolulu to Los Angeles.

12 first class armchairs.

We had an absolute blast. Partied hard all the way there and back again.

Gotta love international flights for business.

Just before 9/11 we were flying Cairns to Melbourne.

My young son asked if he could see the pilot. I was also allowed. It was fantastic and when i suggested we return to our seats for landing the pilot said my son could buckle in to the jump seat.

When i said I’d pick him up on the way out i was told i could stay too. Didn’t need to ask me twice.

A magical late after noon landing into Tullamarine YMML from the north with a running narrative from the pilots.



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Wow amazing memories guys of jump seat landings. I’ll never get to experience that now sadly!!

I’m jealous. Only long haul I did was from London to New York and back on a Virgin 747. It was great.

But I used to fly from Edinburgh or Glasgow to Shannon via Dublin once a month.

The first leg to Dublin was in something that was like a coach with wings. All I remember about it is the open luggage racks and in flight service consisting of a boiled sweet.

It got decidedly more interesting at Dublin though, because I had to transfer to a virtually empty Aer Lingus 747 from Dublin to Shannon. I wasn’t on it for long but it was certainly a lot more exiting. They don’t half accelerate when there are only a dozen or so people on them!

Coming back wasn’t a lot of fun though because the 747 would always be virtually full with tired, grumpy, hot, sweaty people arriving from New York.

I used to avoid that because it was actually more convenient for me to drive from Limerick to Dublin and get the ‘coach with wings’ back to Edinburgh/Glasgow.

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Sad to see this iconic aircraft winding down its passenger career. Will be around a bit longer in cargo but the end is sadly near.

Fico contente por ainda ter visto este lindo avião antes de se aposentar!:disappointed_relieved:

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Great photo nelsonlrodrigues!

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Thank you very much. And it was a lucky one for me. It was a medical emergency landing.