Pratt And Whitney Canada 747SP flying engine test bed


Hey guys, not sure if this is a common occurrence but i’ve never seen it on flightaware before- apparently it’s a Boeing 747SP used by Prat and Whitney for testing engines?

Its track log definitely confirms they’re doing some strange maneuvers!

I would LOVE to see this in person!


The previous two flights were B747-200s, the SP might be a mistake … /CYMX/CYMX


The last two flights were the mistake. P&W owns N708BA, a 747-SPB5, originally with Korean.


How many SP’s do they operate? this video shows N747UT as the registration #. now C-FPAW


Wow! Why would they have the -SP? Wouldn’t the old -100’s or -200’s be a simpler and cheaper aircraft to work on? (availability of parts etc…).


Might have picked it up cheap from the scrapyard? Perhaps the smaller airframe is better suited for their testing?


Both B747SP’s are based at Montreal Mirabel Airport.

Photo C-FPAW

C-FPAW history

Photo N708BA currently registered C-GTFF

N708BA History re-registered C-GTFF Dec 17/11


thank for the link to my picture of the first SP
it looks better from this side though
J-P :wink:

BTW perhaps the aviation sectionnal view gives a hint of their not so erratic path … 1294945980

Not too much airport activity over there.

I’ll have to check further as there 720 used to fly more diversified regions.