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Rolls-Royce 747 sitting in Tucson

Hello you guys,

About 5 weeks ago, at Tucson, I spotted a 747 decked out in Rolls-Royce colors.

Some references about powering the 787 are painted on the sides too.

I cruised by this morning.

It hasn’t moved an inch.

Anyone know what its doing in Tucson for so long?

It is an 747SP.




Its Lucas electrical system probably failed. Everyone knows the Brits drink warm beer because they have Lucas refrigerators. :slight_smile:

Ed Mills

Probably waiting for some testing to be scheduled.

They have an A380 doing the Trent XWB engine testing, so until they have a PIP or something for the Trent 1000 it will sit in the sun.

N787RR is actually a 747-200B, and it has been flying around recently. I can confirm because I saw it over San Diego last week going out over the Pacific for a test flight.

Note: FA might not show all of its latest data probably from a glitch.

They may be using a callsign, and new/foreign callsigns are excluded from our FAA feed by default.

According to airlinerlist.com/ also indicates it is stored and has these comments:
Seen at Waco; will be fitted out by L-3 Communications Integrated Systems as testbed for the RR Trent 1000 (B787) engines 06.05, tests start mid-07

Over a year later, N - 787RR is still in Tucson.

Its always in the exact same parking spot.

Its not in a hangar either.



Try reading my post (right above yours) again and click this link

Thanks rw.