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SAN UA Baggage

Looking for some insight on this. This morning in SAN, on 1st UA flight to IAH, next to our gate, is UA’s 1st flight to EWR. Cabin door is closed, then Capt comes on PA to tell us that our plane is loaded with bags for EWR and our IAH bags are on the EWR flight. How do this happen? Seems like someone screwed up big time. I never heard of this where the entire baggage load was screwed up on 2 planes, thankfully, someone noticed before both flights departed.

So, any insider info on this?

It could have been that ops had switched aircraft on them and nobody ever bothered to tell the bag loaders. Bpth aircraft were the exact same type so that may have happened. How long did it take them to fix it? It looks like SAN-IAH got in 10 mins late and SAN-EWR got in 18 mins late.

We arrived at IAH 5 minutes late. Really feel sorry for bag handlers, they were working fast to fix the mistake. I had a window seat, everyone including supervisors were moving bags, mail and a small amount of cargo between aircraft. Both planes were at gates 38/39, so we then got more delayed for the push back, with AA and USAir traffic in the alley. All in all, no inconvience for passengers, but I bet there were some sore backs for some bag handlers, never seen them move so fast.