So can I ask where the regos are being sourced from please? That info doesn’t come with in the FAA feed (according to Mark, some time ago). SBS and ACARS or something else? :smiley:

Just looking at N479UA right now, which is flying as UAL808 LAX-SFO. However the next scheduled flight is showing as MCO-SFO. So the question is, how does N479UA get from SFO to fly the MCO-SFO leg?

Seems to be some issues … :confused:

Also, when entering UAL808 directly, I can’t see any link to find out the REG. :confused:

Are the tail numbers and flight numbers going to be cross referenced to one another?

Yeah, wondering that myself.

Also, there doesn’t seem to any way to find out what the callsign of the previous flight was either. In the case of N479UA it was the SFO-LAX leg. When you click on that it just says N479UA for the flight details but there’s no mention of the callsign anywhere. The only way I’ve been able to find it is by going to the next flight (ie. the one that’s currently live) and then click the ‘track inbound leg’ link, which then sends me to UAL858 which was the previous SFO-LAX leg.

The info is there but maybe could do with a bit of tweaking to make it more accessible and user friendly perhaps?

What airlines are currently included for REG tracking?

N301DQ is a 737-700 but is showing as live for DAL2166 which is an A319… :open_mouth:

Errr, yeah…

From… … cking-/139

The ability to track an airliner by the registration number. For supported airlines, you can type in the registration (e.g., N12345) and track that individual airplane, even if it flies as an airline flight identifier.

That isn’t the same thing and doesn’t answer the question.

What is tail number other then N number of the airplane? Maybe a better clarifying question should be in order.

You can get the callsign if you key in the REG, assuming the plane is in the air, but you can’t get the REG by keying in the callsign. Imho that doesn’t make it “cross-referenced” because it’s only being referenced in one direction and not both. I would’ve thought that was pretty obvious tbh.

Obviously not clear was it.

Regardless, it’s cross referenced, just not the way you want to see it.

Can’t satisfy them all :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

No, it is NOT cross-referenced at all. If you reckon it is then tell me what the REGs are for todays DAL560 and DAL561. I eagerly await the details as you clearly have psychic powers.

Instead of a vague question that Dami asked that I GAVE an answer to with a source to his answer why didn’t you bring up specifics so that the staff can answer. Could it be something is broke on these flights???

Your question should be answered by a staff member not me for specific flights. Jeeze how about some common sense please???

The only person that needs some common sense round here is you! Dami asked if they were going to be cross-referenced and you jumped in saying yes. I have pointed out on several occasions now that you are wrong which you have disputed each time so I have asked you to prove your point and now you have spat your dummy and started launching into me because you can’t back up your claims!

There’s only one person to blame round here and it isn’t Dami or myself. Perhaps you should think before opening gob in future? Just an idea.

**AND THE ANSWER STILL REMAINS YES **based on the new improvements. What part of that do you not understand?

YOU EVEN SAID SO YOURSELF, it’s cross referred one way, just not to your satisfaction it is not cross referred both ways … 893#114893

NO, you did not point anything I have posted wrong

You identified a problem that is inconsistent with the new improvement that I referred you to.

But go ahead, continue whining. I won’t stop you. :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

You’re just contradicting yourself and making yourself look like a tool. If the information is cross-referenced then tell me what the REG is DAL560 or DAL561. The fact is that you can’t and the reason for that is because… THE INFORMATION IS NOT CROSS-REFERENCED.

Please, look up the mean of cross-referenced, specifically the ‘cross’ part and then either be quiet and stop digging that huge hole or tell me the answer to my question.

I also would love to have the flight number added in a column next to the registration information when tracking a flight. That would be a great feature.

As I wade through all the childish bickering, I too would like to be able to type in a flight number and see the tail number. … 636#114865