Two different Aircraft with same Tail Number?

My wife went online to FA to track my San Francisco “Bay Tour” yesterday and instead of seeing our Cirrus SR-22, tail number N760P, she saw a Cessna Skylane with apparently the same tail number flying from Ramona (KRNM) to Brawley Municipal (KBWC). I can’t believe that there are two N760P’s out there, so I was wondering how could this be? Is it possible that when I got flight following (or when the Cessna was flying) that ATC put in the wrong tail number or type? What else could cause this as it was disconcerting to my bride! Thanks for your help and we love FA! - Daryl J. Joseph, San Jose, CA :unamused:

Either a typo or you are trying to cover up the story you told your wife with a greenwashed question on Flightaware.

Well, the “greenwashed” part is cute but I was doing the Bay Tour. So I guess it could be a typo on the C-182 side, but it seems like FA should have also shown the Cirrus version of N760P and not just the C-182 with an ATC “typo”. I will probably never know what happened, but now my wife doesn’t trust FA to show my flights. We shall see if this changes over time. Thanks for the reply. :smiley:

You do realize that FA gets their data (including aircraft type) from the FAA, right?

I know, minor detail, but hey, lets just point fingers without knowing!

Thanks for recognizing my lame attempt at humor.

I will suggest reading over the FAQ section about VFR flights, etc, listed under the “About Flightaware” over on the left sidebar.

FAQs are located here:

Not sure what your point was about “pointing fingers” but I do appreciate you taking time to post a reply to my question. I don’t think anyone was poking fingers at anyone or any thing, at least not in my comments. :slight_smile:

Just make sure your wife knows who to blame for her mistrust is all I was saying.

Aha! I got it! I’ll remind her that FA is dependent on “the” FAA and that this anomaly was probably a “once in awhile” sort of thing. Thanks for clarifying. - DJ :smiley:

The Cessna was N460P, I reassigned that flight to the correct ident.

No sign of your VFR flight in the range May 4-6 (unclear what date it was from your post) in the raw data. Tracking VFR flights works best when they’re cross countries talking to multiple centers. Local flights are particularly unreliable.


By the way, I noticed the “via BFL/MIT” in your personal data. Did you go to UB in Buffalo or am I confused? I grew up in Williamsville. And I have some good friends that went to MIT. - DJ

Bakersfield, CA (Meadows Field) and Minter Field in Shafter, CA. It’s where I grew up.

You tricked me when you left out the “K”…BFL and MIT didn’t look like airports without the “K”. My bad and thanks again. I’m in San Jose flying out of KSQL. - DJ

You tricked me when you left out the “K”…BFL and MIT didn’t look like airports without the “K”. My bad and thanks again. I’m in San Jose flying out of KSQL. - DJ

This flight, … /KSTJ/KGRB , shows that my plane was in Iowa at the same time as it was in a hangar in Alabama. Not really a big deal as long as the plane in Iowa was not doing anything illegal.