re: Planned Route now displayed on maps for airborne flights

Thank you for making yet another great improvement in FlightAware. It’s got just about everything except the kitchen sink, that a person could want in a flight tracker!

(I’m expecting an an announcement about a kitchen sink being developed for FlightAware any time now!)

Not to mention that dbaker said it was coming soon earlier today. I just didn’t expect THIS soon.

Once again, awesome work FA gurus!

Thanks, guys! Everyone here really appreciates your support. More features coming soon (tomorrow).

We’d have to update in that case.


Any chance on a diversions page? :open_mouth:

The problem is that a list of diversions tends to expose a lot of human error such as typos where an ident changes, airport code is incorrectly entered, etc. It’s possible though but not in the next few weeks.


PFM mduell?

Like all the diversions on the diversions are not actually diversions. The airport code just changed. Like a plane was going to KKFL and it was supposed to go to KFLL instead. So, like it was said above, user error.

cool, it even works for VFR flights.

Suggestion for the diversions page: list both the original and the new destination.

John in Saudi

I love the addition of the Planned Route feature. Just one question … is there any possibility that the route could be shown an hour or so before takeoff? Whenever possible, I like to go to the computers in the Admirals Club and print out the filed route for the flight that I’m about to board. To show the actual route, however, I must find another aircraft that is flying, or has flown, the route that we will be flying.

BTW, whenever I do this on a public computer, a crowd almost always forms around me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked, “Can you do that for my flight, too?” Last month, I must have done at least 5 or 6 other flights at the KORD club before I had to leave.

With on-board Internet, we’ll soon be able to track our own flights (almost) live. If nothing else, it will be nice to see weather ahead so we can plan a restroom visit before the Seat Belt light comes on! Bouncing around on a full bladder is awful, and knowing that you can’t get out of your seat just seems to make it worse. Airlines tend to use “weather” as an excuse for all sorts of delays. This may make them a bit more honest.

I can’t seem to find planned route blue dashed lines for anything except for the most ‘current’ track - i.e if you look at a past flight for a tail number you don’t see a planned route (or waypoints)

That’s a current limitation.