Range rings and location marker gone from tar1090

My range rings and location marker has gone from tar1090 after installing readsb and V6.1 FA etc - any ideas? I presume it’s a config file somewhere? :grimacing:

Did you delete browser cache & cookies and reload the page while pressing the shift key?

6.1 is only for SD card image installations. No need to update

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How can you install both… either or.

And in general, set the location in whatever decoder you run.

It just appeared as 6.1 - FA stats page says Debian add-on 6.1.

Yeah, I’ve refreshed properly.

I have no idea, but I have :upside_down_face:

I’ll check the location settings in the decoder.

What’s the difference between tar1090 and readsb?

readsb is the decoder similar functionality like dump1090
tar1090 is an alternative map interface comparable to skyaware

dump1090 combines both, the decoder and the web interface.

I am using readsb since months in combination with tar1090, no issues at all.
You only need to install piaware on top of it to feed to FA. It is using the data stream provided by readsb

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Thanks Foxhunter!!! That’s what I was trying to achieve, but my range rings and location marker has gone.

Where are the config files for these, so I can check my location etc?

location needs to be set either in the dump1090 config file or readsb config
tar1090 is using this information for display.
You can also use the automatic installer of wiedehopf, it offers you to set the location on command line:

Automatic installation for dump1090 fa · wiedehopf/adsb-scripts Wiki · GitHub

config files are in /etc/default as usual

EDIT: Just checked my config file. Seem to be that location is not in the file any longer with V6.x

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Thank you mate :+1: :+1:

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