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Did I do something stupid

Good afternoon,

Yesterday I installed Wiedehopfs script for dump1090 and readsb. I used the automatic script and everything went very smooth.
I set my location and gain, checked tar1090 and it looked fine.

Today I wanted to see my live data in Flightradar and I see nothing. No planes, no messages. So I checked Skyaware Anyware. And there I do see planes and messages.

Guess I did something stupid as I don’t think this is “normal”.

Please advice


Which … i’d hope not both, it explicitely says to pick one.
Raspbian Lite: ADS B receiver · wiedehopf/adsb-wiki Wiki · GitHub

Both scripts have a github page and explain how to check the log … (that would be the appropriate thing to do, actually before even asking here).

Sorry for asking, did not express myself. Used this page

The sudo journalctl --no-pager -u readsb


So no planes in tar1090 now? You press i or something, have a filter on?
Log looks normal.

Guess have explain myself better

I do see planes in tar1090 and also in Skyaware anywhere as stated before.

But I co not see a plane in live view 192.xxx.xxx…:8080

My question is/was is that normal? If it is, I did not read it in one of the Githup pages


No skyaware interface if you don’t have dump1090-fa.

Thank you for the reply.
Trying to explain myself again and hopefully better.
Eevrything was working in Flightaware. Live view, Skyaware Anyware, tar1090.

After I installed Readsb:
Tart1090 is working, Skyaware Anywhere is working.
Live View is not working

So it seems I did something wrong, or as I asked before is it " normal"that after installing Readsb, live view is nor showing?

Sorry for the confusion.

What do you mean with “Live View”?

tar1090 is “live”.
What do you get accessing dump1090-fa via your local IP-Adress?
This is the “old” URL and should be still accessible

I already answered the question.
You don’t have dump1090-fa so no local FA interface.

Thank you for the reply.

When I click on live view data

I don’t see any plane. Only an error

I do not want to be stubborn, and I know you already gave me that answer.
But I had dump1090-fa installed before I installed readsb.

That’s the topic here.

Just checked it, doesn’t work for me as well.
But looking at the URL it does have the port 8080 on it. It’s even not loading because i also use readsb installed by the automatic script provided by @wiedehopf

I would assume that’s the reason why this URL is not working properly

Oh, thank you, so it is “normal”?

So I did not do something stupid. :blush:

That’s something i cannot answer.
Honestly i never used the link from the profile, i always bookmark my local view.

or if i did, I am not the only one

You can’t have both installed as both are decoders that use the SDR and the SDR can only be used by one decoder.
Both my automatic scripts remove all other dump1090 / readsb packages to avoid common issues.
They also reconfigure fr24feed and rbfeeder so that they don’t install / start dump1090-mutability …
You can run the automatic install for dump1090-fa to go back to that …

Raspbian Lite: ADS B receiver · wiedehopf/adsb-wiki Wiki · GitHub

This guide does say to choose one.
For most people it’s clear that only one decoder can use the SDR … but maybe it needs explaining somewhere, will people read it i don’t know.

Thank you for explaining, your patience is much appreciated.

Updated my readme pages to make clear that it removes other decoders.

readsb and dump1090-fa can also run in network only mode but that requires manual configuration so there are not port conflicts and there really is no need. (one of them in net-only mode, one of them using the SDR)
If you have to have the local skyaware interface AND tar1090 you can just use dump1090-fa.
(there are some subtle difference how tar1090 behaves using the data from each decoder but most people won’t notice)

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Hello Wiedehopf,

thank you. I read the new readme page and I have to admit, at least for me, it is clearer.
For me, I love to use your tar1090 as I mentioned in other posts as well. So I will continue use your tar1090.
The only thing is that I only noticed that the local skyaware was not working and I was afraid I made a mistake.

But thank you for the help and clarifying it.

The local Skyaware is still working. The only thing is the link in your Flightaware Profile.
To be honest i never used this link

That interface only works with dump1090-fa running.
If that works for you, you’re not running readsb …