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Raised aerial 7ft and in the clear

It’s gone from here (receiver in red, stub mast in green)

Up to the top of a new (longer) stub and so is now 40ft AGL compared to 33ft before.

The effects are immediately very improved. I don’t know it’s whether raising the aerial by 7ft or getting it clear of the stub that’s made this improvement. It’s seeing more than the receiver I installed at the Martello Tower Group earlier this year.

Live feed here: http://g6nhu.getmyip.com:1085/tar1090/
MTG feed here: http://mtg.getmyip.com:747/tar1090/

This may be only temporary though - I’ve taken the Hexbeam down for maintenance so it could only be like this for a few weeks.


That’s pretty nice performance. Height really seems to make a big difference. Are you able to get a receiver up on the radar tower with the repeater? That would be a really nice location.

This isn’t working for me. The page loads but shows no data.
If I try to load the dump1090-fa page it’s similar:

Maybe it needs a restart?

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It’s working but it’s a bit flakey at the moment. I think the cellular connection is struggling.

I think it’s very unlikely we could get one up the radar tower. It costs us £200 each time someone climbs the tower and I think we’d get blitzed by everything else up there.

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I refreshed it and it started working.

Makes me want to get my antenna up on the chimney now - I have pretty much everything I need to do it, save a willing volunteer to help me get up there.


I put my antenna in a tree and it still improved reception, compared to the roof of the house (only one story), even with all the leafs around it.

PS: I have stopped sharing directly my feed because of privacy. On that internal page one can zoom in to the exact location (address).
May not be the case with everyone.

Finding my exact location isn’t difficult, it doesn’t bother me.

Is the hexbeam visible from space? :slight_smile:

This is what attracted me to RadarBox. Others can see your feed, but your web location is moved away from the actual one. I would have preferred they did not bother at all showing the location on that page.

Also, no router setup involved, or net security concerns.

The location of your antenna/device, not automatically your position :wink:

Well if you use the default dump1090-fa options, the lat/lon is rounded to 2 decimal digits.
But if you live exactly on round numbers …

Anyway you could always run combine1090 to get a 2nd dump1090-fa instance and configure a “wrong” location in combine1090.
Just changed it so the configuration file location takes precedence over the piaware location file.

If you share the local webpage, it will always have the exact location. Of the antenna, of course :yum:

As for the shamless plug of the combine1090 script… that might be the ticket :rofl::+1:

No it won’t.

--json-location-accuracy <n>  Accuracy of receiver location in json metadata: 0=no location, 1=approximate, 2=exact

I’m guessing in your case the rounded location lines up exactly.
The default is 1 by the way.

Oh you can even disable location display completely.

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Are you sure about the lcation privacy? Mine is pretty accurate and i did not change the default setting of accuracy

Pretty accurate but not exact.

If they can see the antenna, it’s too accurate, even if not exact, for comfort.:sweat_smile:

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As i wrote the location can be turned off. But that also removes distance.

With default settings my location is 200m off or so.

Well that went off topic! :rofl:


Why should this thread be any different!

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I would rate it as damn accurate in my case :wink:

Default setting is less than 10 meters

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Are you sure you didn’t change it?
Check /etc/default/dump1090-fa

Probably you even asked why the marker wasn’t in the right spot.

Anyway as i said there is a chance that your position is very close to the rounded coordinates.
That’s a matter of chance.

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