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Hi there My new Setup

Hi my name is Wynand
im a farmer in Namibia South west Africa

I’m intrested with info on different setups height ,cables exetra and distances been covered on your setups where is your lowest signal distances and heighest and espescially who gets over 200nm range the 250 plus range and wht setup u use pics are welcome.

I have temporary just to test setup first window and then outside about a 2m pole til i can get it up on my mast on 15m avg height i my setup one 4 times higher or more if it is worthwile on a different site in the furure and advice recently get everything except the 250m + range
i believe it can be my test height and some blocking in the most traffic directions .

\my advice for everybody out there minimum heigth must clear all surounding objects and must be at least a meter or so higher than the heighest tree out there!

Is there guys using a window setup out there?

want to see differences in planes pickup and different ranges on different setups
thx for
regards wynand
suid wes afrika
Ich liebe Suid West

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I’ve moved your thread to ADS-B Flight Tracking, hope that’s ok with you :slight_smile:

This thread might be interesting to you: Raised aerial 7ft and in the clear
One of the better installations.

Having a good antenna and an external LNA close to the antenna helps get you the last bit of range.

You should also check this thread, maximum range is very dependent on terrain:
What is the Maximum Range I can Get?

thx looking for similair setups
see if i can get iver 250 nm range or more if i go extreme got an 120m tower available

wiendendorp did some try conecting yaggis
up wheres your pics

My setup is with the antenna at some 15-20 meters high, in a tree. I didn’t have a separate pole and I needed to get above the smaller trees and most of the leaves.
I am using a Flightaware antenna (1090MHz) followed by an amplifier with two stage filtering (also 1090MHz). The amp is installed in a sealed box, fed through the coax cable.
The coax is RG6 type, 50 meters long, and ends inside a garage. It feeds two of my setups - a Flightfeeder 1090MHz and a Raspberry Pi.
The results are in my page: https://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/SoNic67

A long thread about my setup. Will add soon another antenna… High rise antenna?

looks nice ee u have some dead spots wht is the minimum max distance on avg u get daily wht i look at going much higher than 15 or 20 m i dont see anything worthwile maybe if u up a mountain going from 15/20m to 120m maybe a little increase the gain of the antenna and how far out say 50 t 100km how clear terain is about mountains depending if they have sharp peaks or not there is a way 2m signals can travel thru scattering and refraction at moment only 2m high max seem to be 160km + in certain directions, i want to put on 15m tower not sure but look may get slighly get effeted of the mast in middle but it beats 2m heigth

It’s hard to read you without punctuation marks.

I don’t know how is your local relief and obstructions, at some point, raising the antenna brings minimal gains. It doesn’t look like you can get much more flights than what you get now in your location (I think you are in center of Namibia):

You should really create a panorama like this one: https://www.heywhatsthat.com/?view=BNJSWUJS

It is described in this thread: What is the Maximum Range I can Get?

It doesn’t factor in trees and buildings though.

Do you have the antenna on the roof?
And it would indeed be helpful to separate sentences either with dots or by starting a new line with enter.

Not on the roof in a clearspace above the ground temprary .
the bracket doesnt fit my pipe thicknesses
if i have time today a special day is om going to put new location.
wiedehopf i read that but see some get much more than described.
now special conditions like tropo scattering or such.
i m intrested if the fligth reeder u get max range and following what i see anything higher above the trees is the heigth u go.
wondering if guys tried higher setups and see anything changing,meaning we talking every coulpe of meters i think changing the higjh is 15 or 16m is the sweetspot but then i believe going to 100m may then make a enough difference i know u must start going twice heigth and then again 3 times to see improvement on certain frequencies there is a spot on one roof that i can put up that would clear my western side more most airplaines comes from angola and nigeria some from south africa or windhoek to germany frankfurt or atlanta delta airlanes i beleieve and some private jets no numbers? where it is in the clear distance is more max i get in nothern or ne is 160km then gone .

Did you zoom out the map and adjust the blue circle from 30000 to 40000 ft?

The difference at your (approximate) location for 3m above ground and 100 m above ground:

i just did air view
click it and put the curser see details
setup lite bit higher up new location wil see if improved will leave it like this for today
between my tower i have a mast not sure if it will influence it or not the distance i try to work out how far out it must be 10cm /50cm