Post your PiAware setup


This is my system for site 12460: $50.34 - 5" Resistive touch LCD HDMI Screen (800x480) $49.99 - Raspberry Pi 2 Model B $44.95 - 1090MHz ADS-B Antenna $29.99 - 1090MHz ADS-B filter $29.51 - NooElec NESDR Mini 2 USB RTL-SDR ADS-B Receiver $19.57 - 15’ LMR-400 cable $11.99 - PiFace RTC Clock $9.99 - 38" Antenna mount $9.49 - High Quality Clear Acrylic Case $5.56 - 5V, 2A power supply $5.50 - 12’ SMA-F to MCX cable

Outdoor setup
Three Easy DIY Antennas for Beginners
Questions about antenna in attic

First picture is of the screen and what few aircraft I could pick up with the little antenna the NooElec NESDR Mini 2 USB RTL-SDR ADS-B Receiver came with (sitting inside too, of course).
Second and third picture is with the 1090MHz antenna outside with the 1090MHz filter.


Nice setup, Like the touchscreen monitor. Are you feeding You could provide pretty good coverage up through Ok city with that good antenna.


No, just FlightAware. And yeah, I am getting as far as slightly north of Oklahoma City, as far east as Tyler, TX, as far south as Killeen, TX and as far west as almost to Lubbock, TX


Do you use virtual radar server? If so you should give it a thought. Fun stuff real time VRS for other areas of the country. Easy to do.


No, because doing so would require that I leave my computer on all the time to run that program, which is why I have the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B to feed data to FlightAware. Sure, there is a Linux version of the Virtual Radar program, but I figure feeding to FlightAware is fine enough.


Main site

  • FA 1090 MHz antenna
  • N-type to SMA pigtail
  • 1090MHz BPF
  • SMA to F-type adapter
  • Diplexer (combines OTA TV w/ADSB)
  • 50’ LMR-400-75
  • Diplexer (splits TV and ADSB)
  • F-type to MCX pigtail
  • NooEle Mini2 RTL-dongle
  • RPi2

In fairness, this will be complete next weekend, I just ran the LMR-400 feedline this weekend. Presently it’s just the antenna, N-type to SMA pigtail, BPF, SMA to MCX pigtail, and RTL-dongle, which is parked on the entertainment stand behind the TV. I’m actually pretty happy with the performance, so relocating the antenna to the attic will be even better.

Secondary site:

  • Home made 4-legged antenna using a UHF SO-239 bulkhead connector
  • UHF to F-type adapter
  • 2’ run RG6
  • F-type to MCX pigtail
  • NoElec Mini RTL-dongle
  • RPiB

The main site is on PiAware 2.1.3 and the secondary on PiAware 2.1.2, both run Dump1090-Mutability 1.15. I aggregate them in VRS running 24/7 on my home server, so I use the iPad or laptop to view the VRS interface.


Wouldn’t it be better to just have the antenna outside? Your range will be a lot better outside than if its inside the attic.


don’t underestimate attic antennas :slight_smile: => site 13195


It would, I agree, but I’m content with 150mi range. If I had a gable roof I would, but the hip roof style leaves either a tripod or chimney mount to get the height over the roof peak. As a hobby, it’s not worth the aggravation.


You can send data to the Co-Op server without running VRS. My Pi is sending data to them and I still run my own server. Instructions are on his first page.


Nor underestimate window antennas :slight_smile:


Generally, you’ll be better off with an external antenna - but much depends on the material you are taking the signal through - Glass Fibre shingles would absorb less signal than a concrete or clay tile

If you do have a hip roof, you can still erect a mast using T & K brackets - mine is like that 3 * 1.5 sections - so is probably 3.5m above the roof edge … but you could mount two antenna(s) on the rainwater guttering one each side of the house. If you are able to mount it naked (without a tube over the antenna) it makes it less obvious.


Nice! I also like the touchscreen and case. I’ve been tempted to get a screen like that.

Anyway, so as not to duplicate content, here’s a link to the description and photos of my site: it’s a FlightAware antenna mounted to a mast on top of a solar observatory tower in the foothills just south of Bern, Switzerland. It’s connected using 10m of CO100AF cable to a NooElec NESDR Mini 2 SDR dongle. No filters or amps, though my FA filters should arrive later this month so I’ll be able to test if they make a difference. The site gets mobile phone coverage but there’s no towers anywhere nearby so I’m not sure if a filter would make a big difference.

I also have two of Saulius’s outstanding aluminum cases for the Pi2: one is on a test system at home and the other is going to be installed on the Pi2 at the observatory site to help with cooling. I highly recommend it.

I get good coverage over much of Switzerland, southern/eastern France, southern/western Germany, and Luxembourg.


This is my “CANtenna” installed in the roof and it’s daily coverage data…


supercool - and ingenious recycling idea for the dvd box :slight_smile:


Yes, it is a good recycling idea.

Here is another recycling idea:post #1444 dated 10th Aug 2014



:))) you guys rock - turning useless into useful is a great thing!


The name “Cantenna”: Post # 1488 dated 17 Aug 2014

The Birth of Cantenna (name at birth = 1/2 λ sleeve dipole): Post # 1224 dated 8 June 2014



Yes!!! I built my “cantenna” based on your posts…