New Equipment? Updates?

Been running my ADS-B for 2 years now and haven’t touched the equipment since then. Are there updates I should be doing or purchases on new,better,advanced equipment I should know about? Currently running the following:


Raspberry PI 3 Model B running PiAware.
1090MHz ADS-B Antenna w/ 50 Foot Cable into a USB PRO STICK
Filter for Mode S

The amplifier with filter from rtl-sdr is highly praised.

You’ll need an rtl-sdr dongle as well to supply voltag the amplifier/filter combination.

Or with you current setup you can try one of the SAW filters that are available, the flightaware filter is nice but SAW filters can depending on the noise level in your location improve reception quite a bit.

Or you could try the blue flightaware stick which is not too expensive i believe it has a SAW filter built in.

All that stuff also depends alot how limited by your horizon you are. So how high do you have your antenna positioned?

Anyway it always depends on what price range you are talking about, there are pricier upgrade i believe this recent thread discusses the pricier stuff:

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Well… You could install the antenna outside, I don’t think it is working to well like that on a table :joy:

Joking aside, I also had the orange dongle and upgraded to the blue one with filter. But this is worth only if you have strong interfaces around.

I will for sure look into this… sounds like I might relieve signals better and send out what more spots.

I thought leaving it on the table was the thing to do. Maybe that is why my signal has been so bad since I have been up and running. hehe I don’t know about the interference in the area but as you can see I do have a lot running up here!!

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Where is the FA antenna on that mast? :slight_smile:

Right there! Wanted it on the very top of the mast but its takes a lot of effort to make that happen.