Just added successfully added amp - where next?

Hi Guys,

Added an amp to my Pi rig end of last week, will share impacts later, but so far looking very promising!

I’m seeing up to c250nm in some directions - unfortunately my strongest direction is NNE - out into the north sea… :wink:

I’d like to see the SNR of the rig, to see where interference from other signals comes in - with a view to putting a filter or two on it.

Like VRS, can I access the Pi remotely in something like ADSB# to get a view of how “noisy” it is around 1090?
Or do I have to remove the pi, and run the dongle / antenna direct to the PC running ADSB# etc? (Prefer not to…)

(At work at the moment - will post more details on my rig and performance later, but my Median Flights on FA are showing at 2,100…
My PF stats (rank) have gone up over 40 places since the amp, I’m now 134th… )

You could try rtl_tcp which provides sample data over the network.

Thanks Obj - will look into that…

Thanks for the heads-up, found this tut which looks straight forward - will try that out tonight.

Probably a dumb question, but…

Using SDR# you can tune up and down the frequencies (initially to 1080 to see noise, but also beyond that to tune to other frequencies with the dongle.

Just to check - if I use SDR# to tune to another frequency - away from 1080 - will this actually de-tune the dongle away from ADSB on 1080, impacting my ADSB tracking?

The dongle can only tune to a single frequency at a time (with a bandwidth of around 2-2.4MHz). But you won’t be able to run rtl_tcp and dump1090 at the same time anyway… they both want exclusive use of the dongle.

Hmmm, wont do that then :wink:

I’ll have to some more research into filters etc.


No big deal, stop dump1090, run the RTL tests, then restart dump1090.