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978mhz antenna

So where can one buy an 978mhz antenna online at? I seem not to find one

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It is currently unavailable, but when it is back in stock you can buy it on Amazon:

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Thank you… and yeah I been waiting for over a year for it to go back in stock. I’m always late to get it lol

This one hasn’t been available for long. You might have been looking at the dual frequency antenna, or a third-party antenna. I expect this will get restocked again quickly.

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Over a year?

Are you sure you don’t want the 1090 MHz antena?

Nope I need a 978 I already got a 1090.
I say over a year meaning I been searching and most of the ones I come across are junk or for airplanes lol

I use the DPD 978 Mhz antenna. It seems to work well.

Hopefully they get more in stock soon. They sold out fast once the March 2019 newsletter went out.

Wow! We expected the announcement of the 978MHz capable PiAware was going to be big, but the response has been huge. My apologies for Amazon being out of stock. We’ve got another shipment on the way to them and we’ve ordered more from our Vendor. I’ll do my best to make sure we don’t run out again.


Wooohooooo there back in stock… And just ordered 2 of them. Thanks

I’ve been running a ADS-B for a few years now and want to add the new 978MHZ antenna to my set up. Do I need to run a completely new Pi set up or can I just ADD the new antenna, through a signal splicer/combiner to my existing set up once the software in deployed? If that is the case, any suggestions as to what I need to combine the two antennas into one down feed?

Does the antenna mount to a pole of 5cm? The language on the amazon page is ambiguous with stating 5cm at the top and 4cm down the page. My 1090 antenna is not a Flightaware as it does not mount to a 5cm pole.

You will need to get a second ads-b dongle.
And you will also need to update to the new piaware. That supports 1090 and 978.
In the pass I had it working with manual updating 978 dumps and homemade antennas.

I believe it will mount to a 2-4cm …

Now you could make an adapter to make it fit. I’m sure it wouldn’t look perfect but it will work.

Don’t use a ProStick Plus though, its filter would block UAT signals.

Same question in two different threads. Maybe delete one of them?

THANKS DV8ER… but dongle? I have installed a new ORANGE receiver(978-1090) and the 978-1090 filter. Now waiting for the antenna (delivery on Thursday). Now all I need is the NEW software versions when it is released and somehow combining the two antenna?

Thanks… trying to figure out WHERE the best place to post question… I deleted the duplicate.

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I don’t use flightaware dongles so I don’t know what one of there models work and don’t.
And you can not run 2 antennas into 1 unit. You will need to get another dongle for the 978 to work with 1090

This one will work:

Or this one:

The blue flightaware stick won’t work for 978 MHz.

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Thank you for your quick response. I think I have the correct one now… just waiting for the new 978 antenna and the updated software… I think. :slight_smile: