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I am running a RPi 2. Was using a PV amp and Directv power inserter, but now I am trying the RCA D903 amp. It’s a 20 foot flagpole with a FlightAware antenna mounted on top. This is a older picture, a few weeks ago I moved the antenna about 4 more inches higher. I’m using RG6 Quad shield cable. I have a box at the bottom that is weather proof with the RPi and all inside. I am using a FA filter also.


haha - that’s really a supercool idea as the us flag is one of the nicest looking :slight_smile:


Works out pretty good. When you live in a HOA area. :smiley:


Site 9989

Computer: Raspberry Pi 2 Model B running Raspbian.
Receiver: NooElec NESDR Mini 2
Antenna: Stock antenna

The Raspberry is housed inside a weatherproof sprinkler timer case, which includes two power outlets. Being weatherproof, there is essentially zero ventilation, which makes the case act as an oven. On a hot day without the fans running, the Pi’s temperature reaches close to 170F. With the fans, the temperature hovers close to 140. Pretty significant.

Still need to get a better antenna, though. I’ll probably end up purchasing the Flightaware antenna.

Web interface


The optimal height for 1090 Mhz antenna is 69 mm. you have fully extended the telescopic stock antenna which makes it way too long for 1090 Mhz. Simply collapse it to minimum. It will probably still be somewhat longer than 69 mm, but will perform far better than when fully extended.

Your setup with equipment inside a weatherproof box is cool!


Hi David (cecil1829),

Nice setup mate. Can I ask how you inserted the distance column into your feed table on your live map page?

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Cool setup.
Try not extending the telescopic antena. Check your results. might actually help.


After collapsing the antenna, there was a significant increase in single track messages. I’m still unsure whether this is a good thing or not. However, the Raspi also received more tracks during the early morning hours, which is nice.

If I remember correctly, by enabling ‘site circles’ in dump1090’s config.js file, the distance column will automatically appear.


How much is the length of antenna after collapsing? Closer it is to 67 mm (1/4 wavelength - 2mm end effect), better it will perform. If you had a solid whip instead of telescopic, I would have recommended you to cut it to 67 mm as shown in drawing below.



Collapsed it measures around 70mm. Also, it’s the telescopic variety. Luckily I have some spare RG6 coax cable lying around, so I’ll probably make a cantenna.

The vent the current whip is attached too acts as a ground plane, so I get somewhat improved reception.


70 mm is nearly perfect, provided this length includes the length of fixed nickle plated metallic part just above the base (the part with a screw to pivot the telescopic part). Please see photo below.

Yes, when I saw your 1st post, I have noticed the large metallic top of vent on which you have placed your telescopic antenna. That is why I never mentioned anything about providing a groundplane.


Hi, here are my details/pictures of my setup:
RTL2832U R820T2 Dongle
MXC to SMA pigtail
2M RG58 Coax cable (SMA Male to N Type Male
J-Pole Antenna for 1090MHz
Wi-Fi Dongle on USB Extention Cable

Currently looking at adding the FA filter on there as well. Unfortunately I am unable to mount the antenna outside, so it is currently mounted in the loft. I changed from a desktop antenna a couple of days ago (mounted in the same location) to the J-Pole antenna and saw a clear jump in my stats.


congrats - brillant space-saving mounting - happy to see someone else with an attic antenna :slight_smile:


Hi TomMuc, quick question about your setup, I notice in the photo you had 2 setups next to each other, do you have different setups on them or are they as a backup or something?


hi agleave,

no - they were not meant as a backup - i was just testing some different antennas and places in the attic.
at the moment i run two of them - one is my ‘real site’ and with the other i test different software setups etc.

as i don’t want to mess up this thread with already in other places posted pix - here are some links:



Excellent! All your setups are very neat .
The tripod mounting are elegant, but the mounting I like best is the “rote Rose” box :slight_smile:.


hahaha - this is of course your 67mm standard antenna optimization with can - but with tiny variation from my wife :)))


Really! those are expensive tripods. manfrotto?


yep - these were some of my smaller manfrotto tripods laying around. but now after all the testing - i replaced them with really great and cheap music-box stands: