Post your PiAware setup


Bumping to see other PiAware setups.

Ended up purchasing the FlightAware antenna, and man, what a difference!


haha - very cool :slight_smile: i remember the first time when i replaced my dongle-mini-antenna with a ‘real’ ads-b antenna - that’s amazing. nearly the same wow-effect i had some month later - when first time added an amplifier …



I think I posted this before. But here is my little setup I got going. I have a Raspberry Pi B+, Raspberry Pi 2, and a Orange Pi PC.


Bumping to see any other neat setups.


This is my IP67-ish project for an outdoor remote location. Feed with 12V PoE downconverted to 5V for the Rpi. A DHT22 temp/humidity sensor to keep track of humidity inside the box. An anti-condensation valve to keep moisture out of the box.


Nice setup. Were did you get that valve?


I got it through a local electrical installation supplier (in Sweden). But i have seen them online also. Google for “Pressure equalisation element”. At the time of the build i found some on eBay but i cant seem to find them today.

Edit: This is an example of what it does



Thanks, found some different models by searching for Druckausgleichselement on eBay Germany.


Wow, some very nice and professional looking installations here!

Certainly fancier than my barebones setup of a magmount-on-a-can and wifi-enabled-Pi sitting in the attic. Not pictured: common blue R820T2 dongle.
(week’s range from VRS)


Relatively new setup, making improvements slowly. Nothing spectacular but range up to 160-190nm.

Working on a cantenna, not feasible for it to be loft or outside based yet.


How far is the outermost ring?
If it is 250 nautical miles, then with an indoor mag-mount, your maximum range is amazing.


50nm rings, so 250nm for that outer one. Geography helps, I am on the southeast side of a hill as you can probably tell from the plot and southeast Texas is quite flat. Maybe the hill even acts as a crude reflector :slight_smile:


Cant see images! :frowning:



Hopefully visible now, apologies :blush:



No, not yet.

May be the image hosting site requires log-in. You are able to see as you are logged in to the image hosting site.


The image hosting site does not permit hotlinking.


I got a idea and thought I would change things around a little bit in my setup. I had some 19 inch rack blanks laying around. So I moutned my Pi’s to it. From left to right we have the Raspberry Pi B+ (Not being used at the moment), Raspberry Pi 2, Orange Pi PC, and Banana Pro. I am using the Banana Pro for a DLNA server, I have a 500 Gb hard drive hooked up to it. The Raspberry Pi 2 and Orange Pi PC is feeding data to Flight Aware.

Both are using amp’s and power inserters. Antenna’s are a Flight Aware antenna and a 8-Leg spider ground plane. I still have some cleaning up to do. More pictures to come after I cleaned up the install a little more.


Wow, professional, elegant & neat!
No comparison to my poorly built setups below: .


If it work’s go with it. Hope the FA antenna is working out for you. I saw on here you was having issues.


It is now working much better than first 2 days after carefully reinstalling adaptor and connectors, but still less than Cantenna.
I am now waiting for Chinese Sail Boat (expected mid March :frowning: :frowning: :cry: ) to bring me the N-to-MCX pigtail, so that I can connect the FA Antenna directly to DVB-T dongle without any adaptors or RG6 cable & F connectors.


Toasty, what was the outside air temp?

Hottest my RPi has gotten is 64.5C (148.1) on a 43.5C (110.3F) day! It lives in a box with the FR24 receiver, no fans and no air openings. Need to find photos for my setup.