Radarcape most of the time not feeding Flightware

I get most of the time this:

Data Feed: Live - 21 minuten geleden
Feeder Check-in: Live - 21 minuten geleden
Joined: 06-mei-2015
Longest Streak: 27 days (06-mei-2015 - Today)
Feeder Type: Radarcape
Nearest Airport: Gilze (Rijen Airbase NL) (EHGR / GLZ) - Netherlands

I also use the SBS 3 and planeplotter i have never this problem what do i wrong ?
When i reset the Radarcape i runs ok for one hour and then i’s stops feeding but sometime its stop after 10 min.

Thanks for the help

Eric Kramers

dont know where the problem is exactly but if you disable ‘position less aircraft’ for the flightaware feeder your feed will work better.

The creator of the radarcape is aware of this problem. What version of firmware on the radarcape are you running ?

Thanks for the info. is use version radarcaped-150502.17.30