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Problem with stats feed and Radarcape

I’ve been doing some testing and i believe i have found a bug with either the server receiving the feed or with the feeder on the radarcape.

I have had for some time erratic stats from my radarcape’s direct feed so i set up a planeplotter to feed FA and to compare the raw output from the cape then processed by PP and it was rock solid so that ruled out local interference.

I then started playing with the different upload times on the Radarcape made no real difference to the stats. I then disabled the ‘posistionless aircraft’ option and the feed works without any drop outs in stats.

Heres some images showing it working fine (disabled positionless)

and when i enabled psositionless for a couple of days.

whether it’s something like the amount of data being sent (i live near a very busy airfield). Whatever it is it doesnt seem to effect the PP feed so it cant be the raw data.

I have currently disabled positionless aircraft so its feeding properly. Let me know if you wish for me to toggle that option or if there is anaything you want me to try.