Radarcape Statistics Problems

I have setup my Radarcape to feed data to FA following the instructions on the Radarcape wiki. All seems to be working fine with four green lights on the FA feeder status page and the output showing data is feeding. I also have a link to the stats page which shows data is feeding, however, I am unable to claim the receiver and add it to ‘My ADS-B’ account page. Does anyone know how I might do this? I have sent a message to Support but all I receive are details associated with a RPi-based receiver.

Many thanks

Claiming process is the same for piaware and for a radarcape; the radarcape is running piaware internally.

Make sure that you claim the device from the same network. It will not work if you are using a PC/laptop operated from a different network.

And it can take a few hours until it’s registered

Thanks for the replies. The Radarcape is running on the same network as my PC. I’ve followed the claiming process as if setting up a RPi and that’s after running overnight several times. I’ve tried rebooting the Radarcape and disabling/enabling the Flightaware feeder but I still get the same message 'Unfortunately, FlightAware hasn’t found a new, unclaimed PiAware feeder to claim

I can see the stats here as an unclaimed site: https://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/site/157420

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Probably an IPv6 issue.

I’ll DM you some instructions for working around it

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