Radarcape release 140922.19.03

Hi All, Radarcape has released a new version of their software that supports sharing to FlightAware! Release notes below:

Hello all
I am happy to release the new version of the Radarcape software for you. It needed quite a while as testing was interrupted by some other tasks and this and that came in, not at least some holiday, but how here we are:

New Features:

  • In addition to Flightradar24 and Planeplotter and on many customer’s requests, the Radarcape can now easily feed the current aircraft list to Planefinder and FlightAware servers, too. The configuration menu shows how to register at their servers as a feeder. You can select the feeding interval separately for each in steps by 15, 30, 60, 120 and 300 seconds. There is a random delay added in order to spread the feeding events a little over time.


  • The main menu and the configuration menu became redesigned for a better readability
  • Feeder status shows some more information, e.g. the true FPGA settings and the server’s respose.


  • The feeding of data is now coupled to the trust level of an entry. It must be at least 2 in order to upload data to a server. This should prevent ghost aircraft from beeing transmitted. Regular aircraft easily exceed this number within a very short time, so there is no real delay in announcing them to others. This feature should allow FEC beeing switched on in some more situations.
  • Omit time should now be used in all maps and tables correctly.
  • In the 2D map some aircraft appeared at 0°/0° coordinates after some time. That is fixed now.

Some other news to be pulished along with this release note…

I have merged my web shop together with Andy from jetvision.de in order to serve the flight tracking scene better for the future. The newly set up shop will run under jetvision.de and the previous shop of modesbeast.com will close with the same moment. All customer traffic of the Radarcape will be done through this new shop and the company behind from now on. Anyway, all repairs and service to previous buyers will not see any changes. I’ve handled that customer friendly in the past, and so I will do in the future.
We are happy that the new site offers distinct ADS-B equipment, antennas and accessories that will be hard to find elsewhere. We are proud that there is the whole spectrum of reception equipment offered, from the DVB-T stick until the high end Radarcape. We have a number of antennas, cables and other accessoires which we truely can stand for and say “no compromises”.
Not at least, for the event of this merger, my “Mode-S Beast”, the high performance ADS-B receiver for best value for money is back again as a kit. The kit now has those components that are difficulty to solder (SMA and USB connectors) pre-equipped, also all easy to do improvements are included and make the Mode-S Beast behind the Radarcape to one of the best performing ADS-B receivers at all.
More exciting sales offers will be added in the coming months, mostly developed by experienced radio amateurs and for exclusive sale on http://www.jetvision.de only.

Enjoy all that comes!

Cheers, Guenter (dl4mea)