Can someone tell me if you can use this radarcape box to feed through live air traffice to this site as this can be done with fr24 and planespotter. Thank you :laughing:


Don’t know about that particular brand but if anybody else in interested in contributing…


If no one can test it this week.
I can test it next week sometime after July 8th with my Radarcape.


If you can use PlanePlotter with Radarcape then it should be usable to also send data to us.


Yes, I’m feeding thru Planeplotter to FlightAware ADS-B Server.
(Radarcape>VRS Rebroadcast>Planeplotter software)

I think the question was if FlightAware server could pull the data from Radarcape 10003 port .

FA, Can you answer that question for us?



We currently do not support any data feeds that involve our server making an active TCP connection outbound from us to the ADS-B receiver. That direction of connection will probably involve far more troubleshooting support for users (opening firewalls, updating dynamic IP addresses, danger of unrestricted Internet connection concerns) and I think we would prefer to avoid encouraging that direction of development.