free FR24 receiver


I have a free FR24 receiver.
Can I feed FlightAware by use free FR24 receiver?


The FR24 terms and conditions that you agreed to to get the receiver do not allow this.

Had you bought your own radarcape - which uses the same hardware and different software, then the answer would be different.


Can not :cry:
Thanks you.


Hi, you have a couple options:
(build your own, <$100)
(request one from FlightAware, a few months wait)


Thank you.
I chose a few months wait.
I request Free receiver.


Hello ,

Sorry for taking so long to reply. We are going through our long request list to find locations that we don’t have any coverage.

Your location is covered very well and so we will not be offering free flight tracking equipment to you. If you are interested in owning your own system we will be offering the FlightFeeder kit for sale soon.

Our coverage map is also being updated all the time. If you know someone that would like to host a flight feeder their request can be processed quickly.
Thank you for using FlightAware,
Paul Abolo
FlightFeeder Equipment

The end :frowning: