Virtual Radar Server and Windows

May I suggest that Flight Aware site allow Virtual Radar Servers users under Windows operating system to be able to supply and push a feed to Flight Aware?

You allow a feed from Plane Plotter so why not from Virtual Radar Server?

You have no Windows client for your site.

I am sure this would be popular among your users and potential new feeders


You are correct that we currently only support Planeplotter as a Windows-based feeder. We can consider VRS as another option. That will require work on the FlightAware side to receive/process the data and integrate it with our other feeds. Thanks for the suggestion.

Failed Attempt in Sept 2015

Would love to see VRS support. Run VRS on a windows VM on my server and would like to share it’s data with Flightaware.

I perceive a lot more data quality issues in VRS. Never looked into it, but it doesn’t seem to filter out bad messages very well or something along those lines. It’s also really easy to create merged feeds and make multiple stations appear as one station downstream which might be of interest to some folks.

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Have you heard about SkyAware Anywhere? It creates a merged feed with zero work.

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