FlightAware.com should setup it's own VRS Network FA Feeders

FlightAware.com should setup it’s own VRS Network with the Mode-S/ADS-B 1090MHz feeder data only for FA Feeders/Viewers.
Since you got many FA Feeders already uploading the data already.

The feeders would be able to see their data with the other FA Feeders. Plus all the none ADS-B positionless (Mode-S Only) aircraft flying in the area.
FA could have options to select different areas to view. Display 'All Europe Merged Feeds", “All Central America Merged Feeds” , “All Asia Merged Feeds”, or do it by U.S. States “All Texas” Merged Feeds.
Each VRS viewer can use their own layout showing what they want to see on the VRS. Since it already provides custom settings under the VRS Option screen.

Just something to think about for us Feeders on FlightAware :slight_smile:

FA could use some url like " flightaware.com/adsb/VRS "…

Like how these two sites are doing it. VRS-World.com and VRS-Russia.ru

Sounds a good idea. Would it be feasible to include PP and SBS-3 feeds as well where feeders have given implicit authority to use their data in this way?