FlightAware Community Discord?

Just wondered if FlightAware had a community discord of some type? I i did a search but couldn’t see anything? thought it might be a good idea if not?

Also another seriously new user question. Is there a way to share just the feed ( web link ) from just my feeder to a none user or do they have to have an account?

Thanks in advance.


They would have to log in as you to see your feeder, so no. Alternatives exist though: feed a local installation of VirtualRadarServer and share it on the Internet, feed ADSB Exchange and share your ADSBExchange Anywhere link with others.


Not without additional stuff installed.
Alternatively you could open the ports of your device and use a dynDNS service.
But this exposes your network to the Internet

VRS is not necessary. He could simply open the ports where Skyaware is running on.
But i would have some security concerns about opening a port to the internet.

That leaves ADSB Exchange Anywhere then, doesn’t it?

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I think not. This seem to be working differently.

Whatever that means. :roll_eyes:

You do not need to open any port on the router to feed ADSBx and open your map from outside your LAN as far as i know

I didn’t say you did. ADSBx Anywhere is a link to your own feeder’s map that can be viewed from anywhere by anyone who knows the URL. For example, mine:

I have “opened” or forwarded no port, and even if I had it wouldn’t work as my ISP uses a CGNAT between my external IP address and the one by router gets from them.

That’s exactly what i said. Sorry, overall a type of misunderstanding

Ever day’s a school day - I had no idea about this but have just found mine.

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I agree with the above suggestion for ADSBexchange Anywhere. I used to proxy from my website over to my PiAware Skyview. That avoided an open port connection from PiAware to the internet, but I still had all sorts of traffic constantly sucking the data…far more than would be reasonable if a person was actually watching the screen. So when ADSBx came out with that option I started using it. Now my website just links to ADSBxAnywhere in place of the proxy to the PiAware box.

Can be done but gets complicated.

Maybe simplest way is to feed adsbexchange.com as well, they enable a link to your specific data which can be shared.

To maintain a level of security I actually use a reverse proxy on apache web server, this allows a secure connection to my own web server which can then connect with any local servers on my own network and remain secure, protected by either or both of password and https(ssl).

Won’t explain how this is set up as it might not be suitable for you and is complicated.


Thanks for all the replies chaps.

Does look complicated to be honest! - well for someone like me.

Im guessing running scripts etc would be a no no as im running a flight feeder ( right next to the airport ) and not a Pi aware - the idea was to help the local airport community group with things from a tracking point of view.

Might have to try this once ive built my own pi aware for home.

No thoughts on the Discord then?

Must admit not too familiar with Discord, thought it was mainly for group discussions like this forum but appreciate it must be more as quite popular.

Re your mention of building a PiAware, you can always start quite cheaply using a Pi Zero W, fine for just aircraft spotting, if you move on to graphs, charts and data bases then just switch sd card to Pi 3 or Pi 4

Then as mentioned you can feed adsbexchange.com (and others if you want) and they do enable sharing of your specific data via a link.

There are scripts available from contributors to this forum that make the addition of adsbexchange.com very easy.

I personally feed flightaware, flightradar24 and adsbexchange from my Pi Zero, it chugs along quite happily but I don’t run additional charts and graphs etc.