Accessing Flightfeeder raw data?

I have a Flightfeeder orange and it’s working great, and now I want to feed to other sites too like adsbexchange and flightradar24. How do I gain access to the raw live data from my feeder so I can do that? I tried to SSH but I get the error “Permission denied (publickey).” which I think indicates that it requires public key access only. Is there a way to get that key? Or is there an alternate way to get the data?

I can always turn it off and put the SD card in a computer and manually edit the settings so I can SSH in, but before I start taking it apart I figured I’d check if there is an alternate way. I did notice port 30005 is open, not sure if that can be used to extract the data.

I presume the public key is setup for the remote reboot function to work, but port 22 is already in use for something else on my network so the flightfeeder is not open to the internet and behind the firewall.

Please don’t mess with the sdcard. We need a predictable image installed to be able to maintain the flightfeeder remotely.

Raw data is available in a variety of formats from the FF, has a list. 30005 is indeed fine to use.

Yeah I was kinda reluctant to do that anyway as it’s not like it’s something I setup myself from scratch so I’d hate to mess something up.

What is the best way to extract the data from that port, I presume I need a special program? I can set that up on a separate server and then from there I can feed the other sites.

What data are you looking for?

VRS (for Windows and Linux)

modesdeco or mixer can also do it

beast-splitter can be used to pull the information and send it to another location/application.

Basically the data that would be needed to stream to sites like flightradar24 etc. beast-splitter might work, I just read up on it real quick. Will have to check it out further. To avoid having to modify the flightfeeder I’ll want to run this off a separate VM that will then connect to the flight feeder to fetch the data, then send it to flightradar24 and adsbexchange.

Not sure you would be allowed to send flightfeeder data to a competitor.

The FAQ does say you can. Or is that only if you build your own?

Yes you can share data from a FlightFeeder with other sites -