Sharing Skyaware Anywhere?

Is there anyway to share my page without port-forwarding?


This has been asked recently. So far, not possible. No idea if FA is working on an update

Foxhunter – Thanks for filling me in. Hopefully this will be added as a feature at some point.

Hopefully this ok to post here, but it seems like most people here feed multiple tracking sites.

ADS-B Exchange gives you a URL that allows you to view the aircraft tracked by your receiver from anywhere. You can also view your site statistics from anywhere.

If the Raytheon/Collins purchase goes thru, I doubt this would happen if you want to share data to a third party. Maybe OK for a personal party, but not another tracking site.

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Well the hardware (Antenna, Coax, Filter, Dongle RPi) is my personal property. Even for software I dont have to depend on FA supplied decoder, other decoder software are available. If they put a condition that if I feed FA, I have to stop feeding other sites, than I will act the otherway round: I will stop feeding FA and continue feeding other sites.

As far as MLAT results feedback is concerned, it is definitely FA property, and they have every right to ask us not to share it with other sites / third party.


abcd567: Ah, OK - makes sense. I have the FlightFeeder hardware so I tend to think along those lines!

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PiAware is free/open source software with a Berkely (BSD?) license. Dump1090-fa likewise but with a GPL v.2 license. I’m pretty sure that adding restrictions such as “if you use our software you must feed FlightAware” would be in violation of those licenses. However FA has every right to put such restrictions on using their FlightFeeder hardware which is their property. They could theoretically also add anticompetition restrictions as a condition of choosing to feed them, though I can’t imagine FA doing so as, like you, I and probably many others would simply stop feeding FlightAware. (Disclaimer: IANAL.) They’d be hurting their own business if they were to do that which makes no sense.


The data we are delivering is already sold. Big Data is the thing everywhere, everytime

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