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Software download for windows

Hello, i`m new to this forum and wondered if anyone can tell me if there is any software for windows 7 64bit operating system please. Thank you.

You can’t feed Flightaware with Windows.

But you can still view local planes, check this thread:
How-to Install Pro Stick & DVB-T on Windows

Keep trying to get onto xdeco web page and get message page not available



ModeSDeco2 map now needs Google API Key, otherwise a dark map with water marks is displayed. Same is situation with dump1090 (Malcolm Robb).

Map problem can be solved by installing VRS on Windows. The VRS has options:

  • Display Google map (needs a Google key)
  • Display OpenStreet map (no key required)

As VRS does NOT have a receiver-decoder software, it will require either RTL1090 or ModeSDeco2 or dump1090_win32 to receieve & decode the data of the dongle, and then feed it to VRS.

You could use Windows to run a Linux ‘Virtual Machine’ such as the free Virtual Box. Create the Flightaware feeder with jprochazka scripts.
Still easier to run a dedicated R-Pi (and cheaper on electricity) but if you must have it inside Windows, then a VM is do-able.

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Following post gives detailed step-by-step method (manual) for installation of dump1090-fa and Piaware on Ubuntu in VM.


The above method is also applicable to Raspbian x86, which is much lighter & faster than Ubuntu. I recommend to use Raspbian x86, rather than Ubuntu.

Thanks for your quick response to my question, I will try to install Linux on my pc as a separate operating system. I have been told that you can run software of Linux and Android etc. on windows 10 by a friend who is currently using it. I am
going to give this a try installing windows 10 before the free upgrade runs out at the end of this month I will have to install a new graphics card because it is not compatible with Windows 10.