When will FA release a Piaware Version for the Radarcape


I would like to come back to the problem concerning Radarcape receiver as a MLAT feeder to FlightAware I wrote about last week.
The problem with Radarcape receiver as a MLAT feeder to FlightAware doesn’t concern the client on the radarcape that it is quite old and doesn’t do MLAT.
But the real problem is focused on no Piaware Version for the radarcape as radarcape’s administrator told me. He explained that FA is not going to create and develop a new software for Jetvision.de (radarcape maker) as it could generate a conflict of interest. I hope that real explanation is a far different than that mentioned above.

If so, please take this into consideration and do create and release a new Piaware Version for the radarcape for all of FA feeders who own Radarcape device and share theirs feeding data with you.


An update for Radarcapes feeding FlightAware is on our near-term roadmap. I don’t have anything specific to share yet but please monitor the forums here for announcements in the future.

Dear Eric,

So we are eagerly looking forward to hearing from you good news about FA’s MLAT software to get Radarcape’s users running and sharing MLAT data.

Thank you so much,