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RadarBox 24


What’s interesting, they have ship tracking. Whohoo, another antenna and this one a bigger one :slight_smile: !
I’ll give them a go: https://www.radarbox24.com/stations/EXTRPI000878

LE: No MLAT yet because this:
“Not much in the way of MLAT yet on RB24 as the Airnav receivers not yet MLAT compatible, waiting on firmware upgrade.”


Can’t believe that will work with all your trees, can it?

I’d like to switch off the plane animation on their website though, anyone an idea how to do that?
(on planefinder or fr24 you can switch off the animation / prediction. on fr24 you need to toggle the setting on every visit for it to work but hey it still works)

Don’t like planes flying straight while they are actually turning :slight_smile:


This is my station.
It is one of the few stations which were setup for pre-release testing of their first RPi feeder software in April 2017.


You got the 000008 number! Neat! Oh, wait, no, actually I 'm jealous :smile:

Can’t believe that will work with all your trees, can it?
Actually VHF signals can go “around” obstacles easier. But such an antenna would be a no-go on my house, due to landlord wife opposing. She has veto powers. I would have to hide it in a tree also :wink:

What is worrisome is that the public available images show the EXACT location of the antenna, hence the address.







Ah, that is what means? I thought that it won’t provide MLAT. I’ll check on my phone.

BTW: This guy that got the first RPI… I would like to see it’s antenna setup.


Station EXTRPI00000001 most likely belongs to the rbfeeder software developer Jonis Ceara in Brazil.


He has more than twice our ranges! True that is mostly flat land there… but still!
He might have access to one of the skyscraper’s roofs.


Is this you?.. :slight_smile:




This is me … at the bottom of the list … :slight_smile:

The first column at left (First connected) says “1 year ago” because even the earliest stations have not yet completed 2 years. These will complete 2 years in April 2019.



The selection is very confusing because the explanation text below seems to belong to both options.
So if my exact position is not made public either way, i will specify my exact location …

There is a mlat section in the config file, does one need to add anything there to activate it?

I don’t think that’s how it works. Have you tried viewing your station in a Incognito browser window?
Should only display your exact location as long as you are logged in.

When i select approximate position i can’t input my antenna height.


That’s confusing, I agree.
I had input the exact location, and if I view the link from my phone (on cell data), not logged in, then I don’t see the exact location.


Yep, that’s me. The 878’th Pi in the world that was activated.
You kept that secret for you, I could be the 10th one… :rofl:


I have re-edited that location choosing “exact location” again.

Seems like from an incognito browser everything is fine and the exact location is hidden to the public.

My guess would be when you chose approximate location then MLAT is not enabled.
Can you even check MLAT stats or something like that?


From my observations, MLAT flights are not fed back to the radar site, only shown on the main page.
In this respect FlightAware is better than their competition (FR24, RB24).



I haven’t found the indivdual statistics page yet, is there even such a thing?
Now that i think of it FR24 doesn’t tell you about your MLAT performance either.

Oh well i’m spoiled by the statistics on Flightaware.


FlightAware definitely gives better service to their feeders than what is provided by their competetors. This is true for

  • MLAT feed-back
  • SkyView
  • Technical Support
  • Very reasonably priced and good hardware

:+1: :+1: :+1:


Not only that they don’t care about that, but I managed to raise a few good places in the stats by experimentally running a Windows client (fed my the RPI) and pointing “my location” for that some 200 miles away. This way the “max distance” and “average distance” increased. All I needed to do is wait 30 days.
The same applies to RB24, because their formula of points calculation is similar, involves only the range (and uptime):
RB24: Uptime^2 * (Avg Range + (Max Range/5))
FR24: SUM ((2 * Uptime (min) + 2 * MaxRange + AvgRange) of Day 1…30) / 10


Actually never mind - I got it working! Had to run some command to get the “https” ability. Once I did that and ran the rb command to install it works perfectly and is up and running!

Thanks guys!



The missing apt-transport-https problem occured mainly with Raspbian Jessie. Are you still using Jessie?