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Hi, i have a FR24 station and a PF station, is there any possibility to feed others ads-b hub trought a PI?

Pi can be used to feed other sites by pulling data from Radarbox24 or Planefinder supplied receivers provided this information is available:

  1. Do these proprietary receivers output data for use to feed other sites?

  2. If the answer to question 1 above is yes, then what is the port number and format in which these receivers output data? Are these standard formats (beast and avr), or customised formats?

Hello josecmorales , from the FR24 receiver, you can take data from port 30334 in the beast format. I have no PF receiver. You can install a modesmixer on the PI, it can take data from the receivers’ pots and send it where necessary.

  1. If the answer to question 1 above is yes, then what is the port number and format in which these receivers output data? Are these standard formats (beast and avr), or customised formats?

Yes, my router is FF some ports (300334 and 300054).

I don’t know much about RPI.

Is it installed, works perfect, beautifull design.

But i dont know how to configure to feed FA and others.

What program did you install? Where exactly do you want to send?


This guide starts with readsb, you can configure it network only and to get data from some other source:

Once you have readsb set up and getting data, you can feed others just as if you were receiving data locally on the pi. (just get data from 30005 as usual, it’s the default for FA / adsbexchange)

Note that the FR24 boxes even if they provide data on 30334, they won’t have proper timestamps so MLAT won’t work.
(not sure the newer FR24 boxes provide any data on the network)

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Sorry, I had read other posts and I thought I had placed here what I installed.

I installed on mi RPI 3, ModeSMixer2.

Works fine.

I want send data to FA, ADSBExchange and RB24.

While i’m not a fan of modesmixer …
You need to set it up to listen on port 30005 and provide beast format there.

Then you can install the feed clients as usual (FA / adsbexchange are explained on the page i linked earlier).


How have you intalled modesmixer2, manually or by following install script:

sudo bash -c "$(wget -O - https://raw.githubusercontenbcd567a/mm2/master/install-mm2.sh)"    


Anyhow you should have following two parameters in config of modesmixer2:

 --outServer beast:30005

NOTE: instead of shown above, use your FR24 feeder’s Local IP.

Once you have these two parameters in config, ModeSMixer2 will pull data from FR24 receiver and output it on port 30005.

Now install feeders of FA, ADSBExchange and RB24 on this Pi and they all will get data from modesmixer2’s port 30005.




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Is working OK, i installed ADSBEXCHANGE and RB24, but tried to install FA but the RPI give an error:


OS version


Can you please post what commands (including one starting with wget) you used to install piaware?

In this order

wget https://es.flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/files/packages/pool/piaware/p/piaware-support/piaware-repository_6.1_all.deb
sudo dpkg -i piaware-repository_6.1_all.deb
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install piaware

Installing piaware ver 6.1 on Buster should not give issue of dependencies. @obj may guide you on this issue.


If you have a spare microSD card, write Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye on it and install ModeSMixer2, Piaware 7.1, Adsbexchange, and RB24 on it.


I could not reproduce this problem using the provided commands on a fresh buster install.

Probably at some point the wrong version of piaware-repository was installed and there is a stray apt sources.list file pointing at the Bullseye repository, but I can’t be sure from the output provided. You can clean this up by:

$ sudo apt-get purge piaware-repository
$ sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/piaware-*.list

then repeating the original commands to download and install the correct repository package for the OS version.

This will solve @josecmorales’s problem without re-imaging and re-installing other software (ModeSMixer2, AdsbExchange, RB24), and therefore is very easy solution. However his OS will remain less than latest.

To have latest OS is better solution in long-term. Although this will require re-imaging the microSD card with Bullseye, then reinstalling ModeSMixer2, AdsbExchange feeder, and RB24 feeder, but it is worth the effort. I suggest @josecmorales does re-imaging on a spare microSD card, keeping his current Buster card as backup, in case something goes wrong during re-imaging of spare card.

Ok, im trying to install it by obj instructions, meanwhile im going to buy an fresh microSD (industrial) to install bulleyes.

I’ll let you know what happened.

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well, i just installed FA, works OK, thanks to all.

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