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I have a FlightFeeder, and recently got a new Pi. I am feeding to other leading sites like FR24, RadarBox etc by hearing on Port 30005 of FlightFeeder. Recently I tried to get FlightFeeder software on my Pi. Sadly it doesn’t work as It tries to hear for beast data on localhost. Isn’t there any way to configure the software to listen to IP and port of FlightFeeder? I’m doing this for learning and experiencing something new. Kindly Help.
Thanking You All!

Why you want to install Flightfeeder software on RPi?

If you want to feed Flightaware as a 2nd station, using data from Flightfeeder on port 30005, install piaware datafeeder on Pi, and configure it to get data from Flightfeeder.

STEP-1: install piaware data feeder on RPi

wget https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/files/packages/pool/piaware/p/piaware-support/piaware-repository_3.8.0_all.deb 
sudo dpkg -i piaware-repository_3.8.0_all.deb 
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install piaware 

sudo piaware-config allow-auto-updates yes sudo piaware-config allow-manual-updates yes  

STEP-2: configure piaware data feeder

sudo piaware-config receiver-type other
sudo piaware-config receiver-port 30005 
sudo piaware-config receiver-host
## NOTE: in above command, replace by 
## your Flightfeeder's actual local IP

sudo systemctl restart piaware

STEP-3: Check Status

sudo systemctl status piaware

STEP-4: Claim your new Station

After step-3 above shows that piaware is running ok, claim your new station.

To claim, login to your Flightaware account from a computer on same network as RPi, and go to this page:



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If you want an independent receiver on RPi, you will need a separate antenna and an exclusive receiver for RPi.

The most economical and popular receiver+antenna combo is DVB-T stick with whip antenna. It is a good starter, but gives limited performance.

If you want a better performance, then purchase Flightaware ProStick Plus, and the Flightaware 26 inch 1090 mhz antenna.

Thanks for your reply and way. I want to learn something by doing this on rpi…