Can I feed to Flightaware with a NooElec stick?


Hi all, I have just got Raspberry Pi 3 and have it connected with a NooElec NESDR Mini 2+ now my question is (apologies if some have asked it before) can I send data to FlightAware and see everything my stick picks up I frequently get police helicopters, air ambulances and other MLAT aircraft over but although picked up by the antenna they never show on a map.



Yes, provided you install the FA feeder, which is called Piaware.

There is no way that I know of that you can feed ADS-B to any site and still monitor other frequencies/services.

Looks like you don’t have an ADS-B decoder installed. Install the all in one Piaware image, the easiest and best way to handle ADS-B reception and feeding.


Thanks. I shall take a look.


Hi, I’ve followed the instructions here -

But it’s not working

Anyone able to help?

Do I need PiAware installed on the memory card then enter the code using Putty?


it is working now, you may also try
without the uk. part.
if still no joy, check browser settings and firewall /antivirus.

yes, to 2nd question.


Hi when I meant the code wasn’t working not the link sorry for the confusion

If I just download the PiAware onto a memory card would that mean I wouldn’t have to use the code?


if by by ‘code’ you mean the Piaware program, downloading is not enough. you must install what you downloaded ! did you follow all the steps from that flightaware page ?
did you install dump1090-fa or any other decoder / feeder ?
when all finished you can see the output in your browser with ip-of-RPi/dump1090-fa.

can you post the output from sudo piaware-status ?


I’m now online I hadn’t gone to the correct page to claim my receiver



yes you are on, your stats page show traffic.


Suddenly getting this error message I haven’t changed anything


Try Rebooting.
Rebooting often fixes such issues.


Switched it off and back on still the same message can’t connect via the internal ip online either the page just refuses to load


Clear browser cache then relod browser.
In my Windows and Firefox / Google Chrome I do it like this:
Clear cache: Ctrl+Shift+Delete buttons
Reload browser: Ctrl+F5 buttons


Done that but it’s still not loading


Seems hardware problem.

  1. Loose connection - unplug and replug the dongle firmly, then reboot.

  2. If you are using a USB cable between NooElec dongle and Pi, remove it and connect dongle directly to Pi

  3. Overheating - try a fan to blow air on NooElec dongle to keep it cool

  4. DC 5V power supply gone bad - try another bigger DC 5V power supply.


Just had a look at the PI 2 red lights so I’ve moved it slightly rebooted it and connected first time

Guessing it was struggling on the internet side as the stick was pretty cool and all the connections were firm