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Feeding an existing dump1090 feed to flightaware. Some help (or explaining) needed!

I’ve spent some time now trying to figure out what exactly it is I need to install to feed my dump1090 stream from port 30005 to flightaware.

One significant complication is that I can’t directly stream from the machine as it’s behind a firewall that blocks most outbound traffic (outside my control) so need to go through an SSH tunnel to an external server (already doing this to feed FR24).

Can anyone shed light please on what software components from flightaware I need to run to send traffic from this local machine to a third party?

In the case of FR24, I’m running the FR24 feeder software on the external server, which has the internal server’s port 30005 port forwarded using SSH to that external server.

Which flightaware software is the actual “feeder” bit? And can that be configured to listen to any arbitrary port/host?

piaware (the software package, not the whole sdcard image)

It does not listen; it makes a connection to a configurable port/host.

You will want to configure these settings:

$ piaware-config receiver-type other
$ piaware-config receiver-host <hostname or IP to connect to>
$ piaware-config receiver-port <TCP port to connect to>

With that configuration piaware will connect to the given host/port to obtain Beast-format data, and also connect to the FlightAware servers to feed data.

If the machine is not something like a Raspberry Pi but rather an x86 machine you will have to build piaware:

I’m assuming it is running debian or ubuntu, then the piaware builder (official) is what you want to compile it:

And where do I obtain piaware in a version that runs on ubuntu?

ok thanks, I’ll take a look at that.

Done, thanks guys! Feeding traffic again now.


I kinda figured you wouldn’t need long to build piaware from that git :slight_smile:

(After all you figured out to forward a port with ssh!)

Also if you want to use your old feeder-id: piaware-config feeder-id #############

Yeah, I’m somewhat “experienced”… just couldn’t make heads nor tails from the many posts on piaware and which components really are needed to forward the traffic.

thanks for the feeder ID hint… it registered as a new one.