can piaware also forward to non flightaware ADSB hubs?


i would like to know if piaware also can forward my dump1090 data (using Rpi and latest malcommrobb dump1090) to other type of feeds ?
(not that i mind feeding FA hubs xD)


Piaware (the software, not the sdcard image) uses a FlightAware-specific format, which other sites don’t use… But you can run other feeders on the same Pi reading from a common dump1090 if you want. e.g. fr24feed will coexist just fine.


I don’t know about piaware, but the pi certainly can. One of mine feeds planeplotter by way of a PC as well as flightware and vrs-world. Another pi feeds planeplotter using ppup1090 to directly upload to PP.


well, you see, i use ADSB (as ADSBsharp 1st) with virtualradar.
i have good knowlidge of linux (wel, my english is bad, cougg, just our of bed) and a Rpi is not a isue for me.
i use the prebuild n00bs from ctrl-alt-del site what has it all ready for lame users (hmm, did only a upgrade to latest dump1090 from malcomm) and it has FR24 prebuild also.
but also still want to feed to the sdrsharp adsb hub.
but now a other question, i downloaded the piaware stuff, can i get the hub data to, or is is feed the many only? xD


I think you are asking if you can receive the data that other people have sent to FlightAware?

The short answer is no. The data sent to FlightAware by piaware is displayed on FlightAware’s website, but it is not shared back out again in a raw form.


Well, i am making a backup of my image 1st here, well, i can give it a contrib try here.
its such a pain if i wreck my current modded build…


is there a IRC support channel ?
that talks a bit fast xD