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Is it easy to feed FR24 from a piaware 3.7.1 image?

ADSBexchange had some easy-to-follow script instructions to feed ADSBx from a piaware image. The FR24 site suggests I just need to do the following:

sudo bash -c “$(wget -O - https://repo-feed.flightradar24.com/install_fr24_rpi.sh)”

Is that all that’s required? Will it cause any problems with my FA feed?

That and configure the feed to grab the “beast-tcp” formated data from


No it wont. I use the feeder without any problems

I made exactly that move.

Installed the PiAware image and then the other feeders on top of it. Simply follow the instructions for the individual Script on their page.

There’s only one thing you can stumble across: Setting the correct mode regarding receiver type. It must not be DVB-T but Mode-S Beast (TCP)

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Thanks for the quick feedback and tips!


When configuring FR24, do NOT choose setting Receiver = dvbt.

With receiver chosen as DVB-T Stick, fr24 feeder will install dump1090-mutability ver 1.14, and this will create a mess

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(1) Contents of file fr24feed.ini showing correct settings

sudo nano /etc/fr24feed.ini



(2) Page http://ip-of-pi:8754/settings.html showing correct settings.

I’m getting this error - gpg: keyserver receive failed

My Raspi is wifi connected and I’m using SSH to run the FR24 install - any ideas what is causing the keyserver fail?

This is a chronic disease from which FR24 is suffering for a long time.


wget -O fr24feed_1.0.23-8_armhf.deb http://repo-feed.flightradar24.com/rpi_binaries/fr24feed_1.0.23-8_armhf.deb  

sudo dpkg -i fr24feed_1.0.23-8_armhf.deb  

Hmmm - didn’t work, something about didn’t detect a dump1090 (been running FA dump1090 & 978). I tried a sudo reboot and now the raspi won’t connect back to wifi. I guess I’ll have to start over from scratch (fresh piaware install).

Don’t choose automatic detection.

But it should still boot, no clue what’s going on.
Maybe it got a different IP address for an unrelated reason?
Is it still showing logs on your stats page?

I didn’t get any prompts - the first time I tried to run the sudo bash line it failed, something about it couldn’t find a directory. I then copied the sudo bash line directly from the FR24 site and the install processed further but ended with a raspi prompt.

Plan now to remove the SD card and install a fresh image of piaware, re-claim the same 2 station IDs (for 1090 & 978), install adsbexchange feed, and install graphs package - that should get me back to my pre-FR24 attempt.

That’s just really strange that it’s not working anymore.
While i could understand dump1090-fa not running, anything else should be working.

Anyway if you’re going to start fresh anyway then that works i guess.
Try install fr24feed after dump1090-fa and before you configure the other stuff.

I wouldn’t know why it would stop WiFi, but hey if it happens again, it’s better to happen before you set up everything else :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is it better to start fresh with the piaware image or a raspian image followed by piaware?

It doesn’t make too much difference in practice. The main obvious difference is that on the piaware image, the dump1090-fa configuration is done through piaware, whereas with an installation on raspbian you can edit it directly. The end result is a similarly working system, so it’s really personal preference.

Any other feeders I should consider adding other than FA, ADSBx, and FR24? I guess if I don’t use any other flight tracking apps, there’s no need to feed other sites - trying to keep it simple and reduce the risk of additional install hassles.

In addition to those I also feed planefinder, opensky-network, radarbox24 and 360radar (a uk based mlat network). I haven’t had any issues with them interfering with each other. They all just use the existing dump1090-fa instance to get data from and do their own thing. Resource usage is pretty minimal for each one.

Is FA the only one to use the 978-based ADS-B feed?


You can convert it to 1090ES messages which the other feeders understand, but i’m not sure if the other feed services would even want that data.

That’s what I thought since 978 is US-only and GA aircraft like Cessna 172’s.

I have another dual-tuner ADS-B box, I’m guessing it would be easier to backup and copy that image to another SD card and edit the FA station ID info than to start from scratch, right?