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Is it easy to feed FR24 from a piaware 3.7.1 image?

Editing the station is really easy.

Go for it.

Starting a fresh image with Raspbian Buster Lite isn’t a bad idea either.
That way you are on the new OS version. (not yet available with the piaware sd-card image)

My guess is the root cause was a cheap microSD card. Did a fresh piaware install and was able to add ADSBx and FR24 without any problems. Next step is to copy the microSD card image to a better brand card (Samsung & SanDisk get mentioned as well as buying locally vs online).

I checked my FR24 setting and it’s “AVR (TCP)” so it looks like I’m good.

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Not at all. The RPi often fails to connect to FR24 servers with this setting.

Use following setting:
Receiver - ModeS Beast (TCP)
Host/port -

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Settings updated - thanks!