Question about UPS flights


I been following the UPS traffic out of Bradley Intl for a few weeks and I have a few questions.

One is the UPS 757’s make very short hopes from KBDL to KALB a distance of no more thing 80SM. And then there’s a flight back to KBDL then to either Louisville or KPHL. I’m not sure if I’m reading the activity log correctly though. Does UPS really make those kind of short hops? Or am I miss reading the info?

Second question. Is there a way to track just one plane’s movements with FlightAware?
Because I find understanding flight routes difficult. Like with these UPS flights is it just one airplane flying those routes and short hops or is it multiple planes?
Like is Flight 1121 the same plane in Flight 1122?


Hi BDL is my home airport too. UPS does indeed make these short flights to ALB/PHL routinely. You can track an individual aircraft on flight aware by tail number. Typically its fairly easy to tell if it is the same plane. If you look right now, there were two UPS 757’s that came in around 8:45 from ALB and PVD. There are two UPS 757’s due to depart a little after 10:00 headed to PHL and RFD. I would imagine those are the same two planes. T