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Can anybody tell me what nights are busiest with UPS flights

I couldn’t get the whole question in the title…

I’m in Louisville and I’m wondering what nights are the busiest with UPS flights? As you may know the UPS hub is here. I like to plane watch.

But, I don’t want to waste my time and drive out there on a night when its dead/slow.
airport is SDF.


From what I have seen under the approach for KMHR, try M, T, W, TH, F.
Did you look at scheduled departures for Louisville?

Nope I haven’t checked out the schedules yet.

I have the flightaware app on my phone and I usually check that out before I drive over there. The last few times I’ve checked the radar has been nearly empty. Seems to be hit or miss. When they are busy, its about 11:30-1am. Ish.

Weekdays (except Fridays) are the busiest days for departures from SDF.