Wow, what a great tool. I do a lot of plane spotting and this really saves
a lot of time. I can look ahead to get an idea of whats coming instead of
wasting the whole day at the airport. I have a question about UPS. I never
seem to be able to find any of their flights? Any ideas?

Matt Dolan


Do an airport search for KSDF (Louisville Int’l Standiford Field Airport) the departure or arrivals, you can check the UPSs from there. In addition, just start typing United Parcel Service Company in the airline name menu if you know the flight number.



your interest in UPS Flights made me want to assist you trace them

-------------------------------------[26/12/2005 22:16]

ACARS mode: X Aircraft reg: .N302UP [B767 UPS]
Message label: _ Block id: 5 Msg. no: M56A
Flight id: UP0214 [EDDK-KSDF]
-------------------------------------[26/12/2005 22:16]

The time on that is GMT (UK local) taken from Live Acars here at my Home
these and thousands of flights across the UK and europe can be got easily on Acars and i know of many enthusiets in USA \canada who use Acars . or sign up at WWW.YAHOOGROUPS.COM sign in and in search groups Put ACARS this will show you the list of Aviation groups that post Acars anD oTT Loads of course for UK but some for USA . there are thousands of groups for Aviation all open to anyone .


and the Farnborough-aviation-groups (EGLF-UK)


Speaking of ACARS, this is a great website that tracks ACARS data worldwide.


I think a lot of cargo flights are done at night and early morning. Graveyard shift.