Do UPS flights get tracked?


I saw a UPS plane on final into KSAN today at about 1:20 PM PDT. The thing looked huge - even bigger than an A300. I went to KSAN’s arrivals with the hope of identifying the monster, but I don’t see **any **UPS (or any large airframe) arrival today.

Do UPS flights appear on FlightAware?



UPS flights are tracked and I see a few into KSAN.
Here’s a B752 from KSDF and here’s a B763 from PHOG.


Huh. Look at that. That answers that question. I guess I saw a B767… The thing looked absolutely monstrous.

Thank you mduell!

PS: Nice pic with your profile! I’m an Alonso fan, but let’s see how Williams does in Spain this weekend!


Take a look at SDF and ONT if you want to see a lot of UPS flights. There’s more in the evening hours.

Also note that a lot of UPS flights are operated by small aircraft by contractors such as Ameriflight (AMF) and Westair (PCM).