Pro Stick Plus Receiver Amazon Link Wrong?


What is up with the link for the FlightAware Pro Stick Plus receiver on Amazon? The link on the FlightAware build your own receiver page takes you to a page on Amazon for a “Digital Voice Recorder” not the Pro Stick Plus receiver.

And when I do a search on Amazon for the Pro Stick Plus all I get is the Digital Voice Recorder, the orange receiver, Pro Plus with a SD card and other kits with antennas. It’s been like this all weekend.


Haha, yes, I think Amazon messed it up, you can’t find the Plus anywhere (only an overpriced re-seller with an SD card).


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Amazon Canada still has stock. The picture is wrong as well.

The current exchange rate makes ordering from Canada a valid option for US buyers.

Considering that the FA filter’s price is lower now, and that the Pro+ dongle is no longer available stand alone, one could ask: is FA readying new products? :wink:


That can go either way.

  1. They will bring in a 12 bit dongle.
  2. Exit the business of selling hardware, since their main business will be the satellite-based ADS-B.


I am in the USA and I just tried to order from Amazon Canada. Unfortunately, they cannot ship the FA dongle or antenna to an international address. Guess I am going to have to wait until Amazon USA fixes the listing bug for the dongle.


My guess is that this is very likely to happen. The reason is not only the satellite based ADS-B availability, but the fact that other hardware sources are available, specially for dongles, LNAs, and filters.



I’ve seen this dongle + SD card combo. But I don’t need a $25 8G SD card. I just want the dongle. Thanks anyway.


sorry, SoNic67 did say that in his post, my error


Haha, now I can sell my Pro + and get the airspy that I want!


Amazon has screwed up the listing somehow; we are looking into that. The Pro Stick Plus is temporarily out of stock due to continued high demand. It will be back in stock on USA in the next couple of weeks as stock is replenished in Amazon’s warehouses.


It is still available with Amazon Canada, but with a better skin / gui :slightly_smiling_face:


I was hoping you were going to announce a dual mode dongle, terrestrial and satellite.:wink:


I am hoping for a new model of external Filter: the “FA Filter Plus” which can eliminate both GSM-800 MHz and EGSM-950 Mhz.

The current version of external filter effectively eliminates GSM-800, but leaves out EGSM-950.


Ha ha! I thought $20 USD was a little cheep for a digital voice recorder.

I’m planning on updating one of my RPi ADSB receivers with a Pro Stick Plus but it can wait until it is back in stock again. If the improvements are good enough I will probably update my other receiver, too.



I tried ordering it but Amazon Canada will not ship it to the US. :frowning_face:


I found a Pro Stick Plus on eBay. But I think I’ll wait until it is back in stock on Amazon. The seller on eBay wants $599 for it. At least the shipping is free. HA HA!


Long live free markets! :rofl:


I’ll give you mine for 1/2 of that. Free shipping too :smiley: