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Pro Stick Plus availability (Canada)

Hi all,

Apologies if this information is available elsewhere, I did some searching and didn’t see anything - the Pro Stick Plus is currently sold out on Amazon (CA), is there an estimation for when it might be available again? Or an alternative vendor in Canada?

Many thanks!

I’m really sorry about that. Amazon prevented us from sending any of our products to them during the beginning of the pandemic and has only recently allowed us to send limited amounts. Demand is high and they sell out very quickly. The good news is starting July 1st we will be allowed to send unlimited hardware to them for fulfillment.

For now you can get the Pro Stick Plus on Amazon US:

Wifi Expert is another alternative:


Thank you for the info! Does that mean the FlightAware 978 MHz ADS-B Antenna would be coming back into stock, too?

Yes it does. We have the max amount permitted of each of our hardware products on the way to Amazon US and CA and plan to continue to restock those each week. It’s extremely labor intensive and challenging in current circumstances, so we appreciate your patience.


I’ve had great experiences with FA products so if I have to wait a bit to get my 978 side rigged up, I think it’s worth the wait. Thanks for your efforts :smiley:

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Haven’t seen any in several months. Any idea when there may be more avail on Amazon.ca ?

We’re working on this. We’ve had issues with Amazon throughout the pandemic. They are currently available via Amazon US which should be able to ship to you.

My apologies. We have a project underway that will culminate in our own eCommerce site and fulfillment center that will not be dependent on Amazon.