Pro Stick Plus availability March '18


So what happened to the Pro Stick Plus Availability? I got one in January off AmazonUS for USD18 and now the best they have is a PSP + 8g card for USD50??? even eBay is USD40 for just a stick??? Apparently there was a glut and someone cornered the market or I’m certainly missing something (which may very well be)

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Check Amazon Canada, available for CDN$25.99 (=US$20.24)


Nice find… thanks! … I tried to order…

“ cannot ship software, computer & video games, gift cards or electronics internationally.”

I do have a Canadian friend tho… Hmm… Def not PRIME shipping it that way tho… :slight_smile:


We expect Amazon USA availability to be restored in the next couple of weeks. Please keep an eye out.


Awesome… thank you for the update!


Amazon US is showing the FLIGHT STICK PRO PLUS availability for 3/20. Get 'em while they’re hot!


What about the UK availability? ModMyPi is out of stock.

#8 has them in stock right now, if you need one urgently.


Much appreciated information–no, nothing urgent. I did try (Canada) and they wouldn’t ship electronics to the USA. Mine will be here on Friday, so no worries–yet :slight_smile: Thanks!


More is on the way to ModMyPi as well, please contact them directly about availability.