FlightAware Pro Stick Plus


Hi All,

I wanted to buy another FlightAware Pro Stick Plus for a second station, but it seems Amazon only has the stick with sd card. I have 3 million sd cards and have no problem setting up Piaware on my own. Maybe just a stocking issue?


I emailed FlightAware recently, and they estimated mid-March for Pro Stick Plus to be back in stock at Amazon.


Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.


You are welcome! I have also been waiting for these to be back in stock!


We have thousands of units on order from the manufacturer. It should be restocked in the next few weeks. The interest continues to be very strong!


Awesome. Thanks for the reply. Appreciated.


Looks like it is back in stock if you havent purchased. https://www.amazon.com/FlightAware-Stick-Receiver-Built-Filter/dp/B01M7REJJW


Got my 2 today! :slight_smile: US Amazon.