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Alternatives if you can't purchase FlightAware hardware on Amazon

The pandemic has not been kind to supply chains and FlightAware has not been immune. Several of you have noticed that all of our products have been out of stock on Amazon recently. We have had hundreds of units of all of our hardware received at their fulfillment centers but are taking weeks to be listed for purchase.

Yesterday morning 90 Pro Sticks became available via Amazon US. As I write this there are 56 left. I expect they’ll be out of stock before the end of the weekend.

In order to try to move past this bottleneck we’re working with our wholesale partners on other platforms.

Wifi Expert has an eBay store that ships both domestically and internationally.

The Pi Hut is a great UK based store that stocks our products and kits.

And finally Jetvision are our German partners that manufacture high quality ADS-B receivers.

FlightAware is also looking at fulfilling our own orders, but spinning that up will take time. Thanks for your patience and interest!


FA has an excellent array of products, but I wish you offered a triple filtered LNA similar to the out of production one that RTL-SDR Blog used to sell.


Happy to report that both ProSticks are back in stock at Amazon Canada. Hadn’t checked for a few days, so maybe this is old news, but glad to see them back, right next to the ‘Buy Now’ button.

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Any update on Prostick availability? Placed an order with Amazon on 26Aug to build an additional feeder - antenna and cable shipped but the ProStick Plus initially showed a delivery date of 08Sep then went to 02Sep then 03Sep and now to 12Sep. Thanks!

We’ve been shipping additional stock to Amazon every week and they’re selling out within days of arrival. Unfortunately Amazon is very opaque when it comes to their fulfillment operations. We have no control once our hardware arrives at their fulfillment centers.

FlightAware is looking into standing up our own direct fulfillment program and creating a store outside of Amazon. This is a long process, so until then I’d suggest using our wholesale partners in the first post of this thread.

Again, we apologize for the delays. The pandemic really ups the difficulty level on everything.