Antenna out of stock on Amazon


I just went to order an antenna and sadly they are now out of stock (story of my life!). Is there any word on when they will be available again and hopefully at the same great price.



A slightly contrarian perspective – congratulations FlightAware – you’ve got a winner!

bob k6rtm

I have the FA antenna. I like it. It’s working pretty good. I have it outside, but I want to put it on the roof. I’ll gain a couple more feet. :smiley:

We shipped more Friday and Monday to Amazon warehouses so they should be available shortly at the same price.

Sorry for the sell-out, they went quicker than we expected.

Thanks very much for the reply. No need to apologize, it’s great to see how the community responded the way it did.


Back in stock! … fligh01-20

I might be ordering another FA antenna. I had my FA antenna outside, but I just moved it to the roof tonight. Gained a good 6 extra feet. So I did that and hooked up the RPi 2 I just got today. So we will see what we can do now.


I bought the last FA antenna in stock at Amazon this weekend… Sorry. (Maybe) :slight_smile:
Actually, seeing that Amazon had only one antenna left prodded me to buy it right off the bat.

My Piaware is up and running as of a few minutes ago.

I need the cable for the outdoor antenna. Anybody have a recommendation?
It looks to me like the connector on the USB receiver card is non-standard.


I use this coming from the USB dongle … ref=plSrch

Or … ref=plSrch


Ideally you want 50 ohm cabling (LMR240 or LMR400) with N connectors, and then a N female to MCX male adapter on the end.

Success is a good thing.

What would be really handy here is a kit of parts at various lengths put into Amazon (LM240) - like the antennas

And a YouTube on how to fit the connectors since most here have never done anything more complex than connect up a TV.

I put the new FA antenna on the roof last night. Hooked up my new RPi 2. I would have to say the FA antenna working out very well. I think i am going to order a 2nd one soon. I am not running any amps or anything. Just the antenna and about 15 feet of cable to the Pi.

Thanks FA for making a nice little antenna. :smiley:

I have the adapter cable on order. I figured I need the N-male–N-Male cable from there. I’m shocked on how much assembled cables cost - as much as the rest of the PiAware hardware.
I guess you’re expected to make your own cable which I can do. I only have RG59/RG6 cable at present.
I’ll hope that a cable shows up on Craigslist. An antenna tower, too. :wink:

I’ll be locating my Pi at temporary site for now and moving the FA antenna to the roof mast later. That will mean running about 50 feet of cable through a house that has little to no access to that side.
I have one more round tuit on the stack.

How high is the antenna and what kind of cable?


The antenna is around 16 feet high from the ground. I am using RG6 (South Wire) Quad shielded for now. I have better cable just can’t use it yet.

does the antenna have any manufactures markings (I’m wondering if it might be obtainable outside the USA from other sources)

It’s a custom part not sold anywhere else. We are working to improve the retail availability.