Pro Stick Availability - August 2016

Hi everyone,

Due to overwhelming demand for the FlightAware Pro Stick, we’re having inventory problems at some retailers. We’re manufacturing thousands more and are working to improve availability around the world.

Amazon Canada - available now
Amazon France - coming late August
Amazon Germany - available now
Amazon Italy - available now
Amazon Spain - coming late August
Amazon United Kingdom - available now
Amazon United States - available now
eBay Worldwide - available now

We expect it to be out of stock briefly in early April everywhere, spotty availability in mid-April, and readily availabile by late April.


Updated 4/3/2016
Updated 4/23/2016
Updated 4/28/2016
Updated 8/16/2016

Thanks for the update.

Demand seems high, Flightaware must feel just a little bit proud. :slight_smile:

Would be interesting to know how many sold so far against the varoius amazon oultlets.

We kidz are eager to grab the Halloween candy :smiley:

FlightAware Pro Stick USB ADS-B Empfänger
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not available anymore on german amazon…

I guess it will be some time before we see this dumped on :laughing:

There was 4 left on Amazon UK last night after I ordered 2.

Tried to order mine on Amazon UK this morning but already out there again. didn’t last long before selling out.

Updated – only available on eBay (worldwide shipping) for the next couple weeks.

let me know when it’s available in Germany again :+1:

Managed to get one plus the filter on UK Amazon while there were 6 left.

Due to arrive next weekend (I’m too cheap to pay for delivery :laughing: )

Got my Pro stick and filter yesterday, Online today with some improvement of received signal. Now gunna go after more. New antenna, higher

its available now in Germany :+1: i already ordered expect to arrives in 7 April, lets see how many improvement i win.

You beat me to it. We’re back in stock in Europe and will begin re-stocking distributors worldwide this Friday, hopefully back in stock everywhere around 4/15.

Hi i received today pro stick but now i have a problem, my old Antenne from normal dvbt stick is not compatible, someone can point me how can i convert it, some adapter?
thanks in advance

What is your setup like?
Do you have the FA Filter? You can connect it directly to the filter, just ensure that their is not too much strain on the connection.

If not, you will need some sort of adapter. You can get them from or ebay or even some electronic stores.
The Pro stick uses an SMA connector (be care not to confuse it with SMA-RP connectors. They have the same size threads, but the internal gender is opposite).

For example this adapter from Amazon Germany … op?ie=UTF8

I need to know your setup. Is it s straight cable to the antenna or do you use a short pig-tail?
("normal dvbt stick " is quite varied. They can come with F, SMA and MCX connectors)

Most of the small antennas that I purchased have a combined SMA/MCX connector(like the adapter you have a link to above). You can pull off the MCX/SMA adapter to make it MCX.
The adapter you referenced should work for you.

Do you have a filter? If not, then you will need to reduce the gain for the pro-stick to about 45db to start. You may need to experiment with the levels to see what works best in your location.

hi thanks to all for try to help, so my setup is just like this … ref=plSrch

that is with i use

thanks in advance

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