Prostick Plus Availability


Is the Prostick Plus going to be made available for purchase in the UK (i.e. through Amazon Uk where I bought my first Prostick)? I know that it can be purchased through Ebay but not only is there costly postage, we also have to pay an excessive import duty.




I just bit the bullet and ordered a couple to the UK from the eBay store. I don’t care too much about the customs duty, what gives me the hump is that if customs get their hands on it, it delays the package for a week and they charge that stupid “handling fee” of about fifteen quid.


The Pro Stick and Pro Stick Plus will start shipping to Amazon EU this week. Allowing for shipping and Amazon delays, it could be publicly available as soon as in the next 2 weeks. Much of this is in Amazon’s hands as we don’t control Amazon’s process. We will provide further updates as we’re able to solidify the availability schedule but it is real soon now. :slight_smile: